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Former President Barack Obama used the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, to memorialize the death of George Floyd, even though the two tragedies have almost no relation.

Indeed, Wednesday, May 25, marks the two-year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, but instead of just commemorating the day on its own, the former president tied the horrific massacre in Texas, which left 19 children and two teachers dead, to Floyd’s memory.

The article goes on to state the following:

“As we grieve the children of Uvalde today, we should take time to recognize that two years have passed since the murder of George Floyd under the knee of a police officer,” the former president tweeted. “His killing stays with us all to this day, especially those who loved him.”

“In the aftermath of his murder, a new generation of activists rose up to channel their anguish into organized action, launching a movement to raise awareness of systemic racism and the need for criminal justice and police reform,” Obama wrote.

“”It sucks those kids died, but remember George Floyd? He’s who I’m still thinking about.” — Barack Obama,” Seth Dillion mockingly tweeted of Obama’s statement.

“This is truly sick. 19 innocent children and 2 hero teachers were killed… and to the Divider-in-Chief, the real victim of Uvalde is George Floyd?” Christina Pushaw, spokeswoman for Ron DeSantis tweeted.

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  1. George Floyd died of an fentynal overdose not at the hands of the police , fuck Obama that Monkey……….

  2. I love how Obama compares this horrific shooting in Texas of all these innocent little children to George Floyd who is a criminal and a thug. But that’s how the democratic stink there are a bunch of demons in suit coats

    • Obama had an agenda to speak about the remembrance of Geo Floyd (because he was a black brother) and the murder of 19 children and 2 adults was not going to get in his way!

  3. Shut up Obama! He is all talk and no action. He did NOTHING when he was president to curb racial division or shooting. Obama is a piece of garbage!

  4. Obama you are dumb and you are the one who started all this because you are a racist and the children and teachers who were killed has nothing to do with George Floyd because George was a stud dealer and his memory has nothing to relate to the Uvalde school killing. You were a huge racist and you started all this crap and stop relating everything to George. George had three funerals and a President has only one. What needs to be done is to have funerals for each student and and the teachers because they deserve it you stupid racist asshole and stay away from dementia Biden

  5. How dare him. GF killed his own damn self and he wasn’t anything but a thug and a criminal. To speak of him in the same breath as a room full of innocent children who did nothing to deserve this, along with their teachers is despicable. I hope you never sleep.

  6. Once again the Nigerian Indonesian interferes with our government and country spending hate.

  7. I’m fact I always wondered how Obama came into the United States and run for President when he was born in Kenya. He was born in the United States and his grandmother was there in the hospital when he was born and his brother was also born in kenya and he probably still is alive. Obama has never talked about his family I guess because he’s afraid that someone will spill the beans. And what ever happen to his grandmother and brother huh huh I just wonder.

  8. In what world did George Floyd’s life compared to the lives of our children that died yesterday. George Floyd was a criminal he was high on five or six different drugs he had lethal doses of drugs in his system he would have died anyhow whether the cops were there or not. Also there’s a police officer sitting in prison because of this that was innocent he used the tactics he was taught by his superiors. But somebody had to pay. Because black life matters was going to burn the country down if somebody didn’t pay the price. But leave it to Obama our failed ex-president to open his mouth and cause more division in this country. Obama is the one that caused all the Racial problems that exist today.

  9. Obama is virtual signalling.He is afraid we will all come together over this tragedy.He has to make sure we stay divided.

  10. Honestly, I couldn’t give two shits about George Floyd. He was a criminal committing crime and died. It is what it is. I was over it long before I cared.

    However, a transdysphoric, mental health disaster killing 21 of my fellow Texans is something incredibly important. These 21 people were victims of liberal nonsense due to no action of their own. There’s a huge difference between that and a street thug but I don’t expect Obama to know that. He doesn’t care about anything that doesn’t boost him politically.

  11. So I’m wondering, should every white person go destroy businesses of Hispanics because this guy was Hispanic? These idiots like Obummer fueled the fires of racial divide and turned their backs when the riots tore down cities one by one. The fact that this idiot tried to memorialize Floyd over this tragedy shows the morality of him and his demnut party. The gun didn’t kill, the idiot using the gun. Red flags once again were missed or ignored. These video games that have gun violence should be removed from the shelves, these games are taking away conscience of killing someone. The military use the same type of mind programming of soldiers.

  12. Barack Hussein Obama is a race-baiting scumbag, from the same cloth as Al Sharpton.
    I hope that I’m able to outlive this bastard so I can stand in line to piss on his grave!

  13. FBO
    The man divided and separated America. Someone who’s main objective is to destroy America and begin the NWO. He just may be the anti christ.

  14. People finally realized that “smooth-talking ” individuals are just that………talkers! Eight years and Nothing accomplished…

  15. Hey Barack, how many times did you invite people like George “Kirby” Floyd to the White house during your 8 years? You had Al Sharpton, Stevie Wonder, and JZ and Beyonce there many times! You are a hypocrite of magnitude.

  16. Do people still give a rats ass about the druggie thug felon floyd? Remember, pigeon poop is white. Guess Obama cares, right?

  17. George Floyd is the last person I even think about and what has the way he died have to do with how the children and two teachers died. He couldn’t just express his condolences and move on. He just had to go there with Floyd. Well, Obama you just proved your message was not sincere. Normal people wouldn’t have done that and I’d imagine if any relative of those that died at that school saw what you said would be even more upset than they are already.

  18. Floyd was a criminal Thug! How dare Obama ask people to remember that drug user and robber who pointed a gun at a pregnant woman’s stomach! He died by his own bad deeds! No loss to society! He’s where he belongs…Dead! My thoughts are with the 19 killed not glorifying a low life thug criminal like loser Floyd! He’s no Hero! Candace Owens will be all over this comment of Obama. All Obama did was divide our country today! I have no respect for you anymore and I regret voting for you twice! 🤬

  19. Memorialize a criminal who stuck a gun in a pregnant woman’s belly threatening to shoot her and her baby? Oh, sorry, I forgot, the left likes to kill babies. They’re actually proud when they do.

  20. The day Obummer took office was the beginning of the end of America. He did so much damage and continues to as a ghost president for Biden. Telling him exactly what to do or say. People better wise up and fast.

  21. I didn’t see any words of making America better… it’s pretty simple…. The answer is just around the corner… vote…. Or otherwise know the cheat…

  22. Never let a crisis go to waste. Dems motto! “They” see Floyd as their hero, we see Floyd for what he was, a thug!!!

  23. That POS Obama brings the stench of $#!t into the room as soon as he enters. His Trans gender husband is no different

  24. What does this have to do with a drug addict and felons accidental death with these beautiful children being killed by a crazed young man. It’s so heart breaking .

  25. Obama is stirring the pot. Do people really give a 💩💩💩 what comes out of the mouth of this loser?🤬🤬


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