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Barack and Michelle Obama’s daughters Malia and Sasha have traded in life at the White House for the bright lights of Hollywood after relocating to the West Coast.

Both of the Obama girls were photographed in Los Angeles this week, with older sister Malia spotted taking a smoke break outside of her job and younger sister Sasha expressing herself through fashion on a walk through the City of Angels – where she is completing her college education, having transferred from the University of Michigan to a California school.

The article goes on to state the following:

Earlier this year, it was reported that Malia, 23, had scored a position on the writing staff of a new Amazon project by Donald Glover, and she appears to have been on a break from her job yesterday when she stepped outside for a cigarette.

Malia graduated from Harvard University in the spring of 2021. Sasha, 20, started out at the University of Michigan in 2019 but has reportedly transferred to a different school in Los Angeles.

Celebrity photographer Miles Diggs, who goes by Diggzy, posted two photos on Instagram of the pair.  More photos were shared by the Daily Mail in their report.


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A post shared by Miles Diggs (@diggzy)


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A post shared by Miles Diggs (@diggzy)

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  1. Safely walking the Getto streets of LA with armed secret service watching and waiting for a homeless begged to even dare approach them. Now that’s what I call white privilege. I couldn’t dress up in high dollar getto clothes and walk two blocks in LA without getting mugged. But they can cause they stink of privilege.

  2. Older daughter looks like her dad, poor thing! And good lord, who taught the younger one how to dress? Lmao, not an Ivanka by any means.

  3. Wow I really didn’t think that Michelle was a man and their daughters are on their own and I wonder if the girls knew that their mother adopted them because she was man and could not get pregnant and I say again wow wow and Michelle is a evil bitch .

  4. Who gives a damn and they aren’t even his kids any damn way.
    But why is dml putting this crap on here on the first place

  5. Obama is a pervert married to a man He has no children
    They were made millionaires by stealing from America
    Who gives a care about this warped bunch of evil people

  6. The rental kids turned out to be nothing much to look at. The oldest has always been homely. They look exactly like the rent-a-parents. Cloning.

  7. Notice how they both don’t look ANYTHING like their parents but look EXACTLY like their best friends who know them for many many years before their kids were born. Their best friends beared these 2 kids for that LINEBACKER Michele and that SISSYBOY little [email protected] Barak.
    ZERO photos of pregnant linebacker. Try to find any ! Look up Obama best husband / wife best friends….EXACT SPITTING IMAGES OF THEM BOTH !


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