REPORT: Barr claims Trump ‘will burn the whole house down,’ calls for new GOP leader [Trump responds]

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Former Attorney General William Bar on Monday called for a new leader of the Republican Party, warning in a blistering rebuke that former President Trump “will burn the whole house down.”

“Unless the rest of the party goes along with him, he will burn the whole house down by leading ‘his people’ out of the GOP,” Barr said in a scathing op-ed published in the New York Post on Monday.

“Trump’s willingness to destroy the party if he does not get his way is not based on principle, but on his own supreme narcissism,” he added. “His egoism makes him unable to think of a political party as anything but an extension of himself — a cult of personality.”

Barr’s op-ed in the New York Post starts out with a scorching assessment of Trump. He writes:

During the Republican primaries in 2016, I supported, in succession, every alternative to Donald Trump. I did not see him as our party’s standard-bearer. He was not my idea of a president. I could see that he was grossly self-centered, lacked self-control, and almost always took his natural pugnacity too far. While he could be compelling, I found myself cringing at his frequently juvenile, bombastic, and petulant style.

However, then Barr credits the former president for his strengths:

I also saw Trump’s strengths. I liked the clear and direct way he staked out a position and his willingness to state unpleasant truths that many were afraid to say. I appreciated that he was willing to confront head-on difficult issues — like unfair trade deals, or our allies’ paltry defense spending — that other politicians dodged. Above all, Trump had accurately diagnosed, and given voice to, the deep frustration of many middle-class and working-class Americans who were fed up with the excesses of progressive Democrats; the shameless partisanship of the mainstream media; and the smug condescension of elites who had mismanaged the country, sold them out, and appeared content to preside over the decline of America.

Then Barr declares, “But it is now clear he lacks the qualities essential to achieving the kind of unity and broad election victory in 2024 so necessary if we are to right our listing republic. It is time for new leadership.”

Barr had also spoken out against Trump in a recent PBS News interview.

Trump appeared to respond to Barr’s comments in a post on his Truth Social account Tuesday evening.  He wrote:

Sloppy Bill Barr was a weak and ineffective Attorney General who was fired (he didn’t quit!), and now he’s nothing more than a disgruntled former “employee.” Barr was a “Bushie” who was petrified of being Impeached, which the Dems were going to do until he changed course on the Rigged Election. He knows nothing about the Document Hoax, & as a lawyer & former A.G., shouldn’t be talking. Weak RINO Bill Barr always caved to the Dems, & is a disgrace to the Republican Party, & our Nation!

In a PBS News interview Friday, Barr declared, “I personally think that they probably have the basis for legitimately indicting the president .. They probably have the evidence .. I think it’s becoming increasingly more likely.”

However, when PBS correspondent Margaret Hoover asked Barr if Trump ends up being the Republican nominee, would he vote for him, Barr refused to rule that out.

He said he would have to consider the circumstances at that time, but could not imagine himself voting for a progressive candidate, and indicated he would likely still vote for Trump if he ends up winning the GOP nomination.

Barr also declared the Trump should just step aside.

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    • “ Bill Barr on Trump: “He failed. He didn’t do what the country hoped – that he would rise to the occasion and rise to the office, and he didn’t do that. He’s had his chance.“

      How exactly did he have his chance, When people like YOU — people in his own administration — turned on him at the first hint of opposition? He was besieged from the day he took office (even before actually) and still accomplished more than the Face Mask administration ever will.

      As AG, Barr promised the Moon but did exactly nothing to help his President.

  1. Look who Barr has interviews with. That tells you everything. Bush was not to be trusted and he had Barr as his AG. Trump probably took advice from a Rino when he chose Barr as AG.

  2. No, all the RINO’s like you are burning the house down. Trump brought people to the Republican party, and if we don’t like what you are doing, we def will take our votes elsewhere. Our votes do not belong to you Billy Boy. Here’s a hint….we don’t like you, or what you are doing.

  3. Barr lost most of his credibility when he claimed Jeffrey Epstein’s death a suicide. He lost ALL credibility when he declared the Steal of 2020 legitimate.

  4. Bull Barr is as deep swamp as the scumacrats like Adam Shitts and Nut job Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, The Biden, Camel toe Harris, Bill Gates, Fauci, these killer Evil Satinistic doucsh bags ! All Tyrannical Swamp shit! God is coming to take these Tyrants down and for good! Praise the lord our God! Yes thank you Jesus!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. Trump is right about Barr but too kind ! Barr sold America out for his 2 million dollars of DOMINION STOCK, refusing to admit to the voter fraud caused by the Democrat party and the voting machines!

  6. How two faced can he be. Barr was a loser to begin with. It’s not up to him who runs or who people vote for. That is the good part of freedom.

  7. Although I wish Barr would have done more at times I think he was an incredible improvement over that putz Sessions, who probably single handily set the wheels in motion that wrecked the potential of what could have been, for the presidency of 45

  8. Trump was a failure? I think that statement needs a explanation. I saw a man that worked tirelessly for the American people. As a business man, not a politicians, the man accomplished so much with the democrats trying to destroy him. Democrats will attack Trump to turn people against him. I’ve heard, I want vote for him because of the drama, that’s exactly what democrats want. To have Trump president again, the swamp of corruption will be bought to light. We need a strong leader.

  9. And so be it, traitors like you and the current spineless do nothing republicans it’s time for a new constitution Conservative Party. Clowns like you have destroyed this country, you work for us you bunch of selfish greedy po💩’s

  10. Barr is not paying attention to Border Patrols. 🤔 Trump is right. I still stand with Trump. We have to focus our country first!!!! I don’t care what Barr said.

  11. Bill Barr needs to shut up! He’s most likely involved with the Deep State & in the event he finds himself in deep shit, hell turn like a crying baby. His comment tells me that he knows plenty & when the need arises, he will squawk. He’ll do whatever he has too to protect himself. They have persecuted the one man who took care of this country. Trump is not your typical rotten lying politician! Every President has dirt & if they were all perfect, they wouldn’t be running scared. Polosi started this crap. She is a louse! Along with Fauci who gave us a virus & put us down. Bastard! The turncoats, not naming names “Cheney, Romney, Murowski & 4 others, we know who you are. Cheaters gonna cheat & liars gonna lie. That crybaby Kizinger. What a weasel! Hillary, if killing our Benghazi Boys wasn’t enough, the disgrace her husband Bill did to America was proved he was so desperate for sex, he needed a Cigar! He was framed no doubt but with choices comes consequences. Many trust nobody in Washington!!! Especially McConnell! Schumer needs his beak to grow like Schiff. We don’t need Trump to tell us anything we don’t already know. Biden’s dirt is enough to make us puke! Showered with his daughter. Disturbing. We are waiting for Republicans to show us they have the Balls to do whatever needs to be done to get us on track if it can be done. The damage is great & we are likely to struggle in many ways. Let’s go Brandon. Get the hell out of this country & live in Ukraine! You know the one he took Bitcoin money to support their War. We don’t need to be afraid of Trump!!!!

    • Thank you for speaking the way most of us feel. Barr did nothing he was appointed to do!!! He needs prosecuted for not representing the US and not arresting all the criminal Democrats!!!!

  12. The Republican Party has left us just like the Democrats left their base.When 37 Senators vote to keep China Mitch McConnell as leader that’s the end of the party.Going along with radical demoncrats isn’t what we want.It’s the same in the House.We don’t want McCarthy we want a fighter.There about 10 good Senators and 10 good Representatives and that’s all.

  13. joe scumbag biden, the dumb-ass donkey butt, commander of nothing, is doing a bang-up job of burning America down right now. Everything this maggot touches turns to donkey dung. What the hell has this asshole accomplished but create more divide, vile hate and discord, uprisings and murders in the streets, and his puke foreign policies. How much did the bastard send Ukraine so far only to be funneled back to the democrats and their wallets. And you have the nerve; Bill Barr, to talk about Trump who surpassed even Ronald Regan in accomplishing everything he promised to do to keep America great and first as a world power. Barr is another pitiful rino like all the rest of the democrat liberal pukes. At this point, I despise all of them. May they all drop off a cliff in a plastic bag. There wouldn’t be one good body part remaining to recycle. Well, at least we could recycle the plastic bag. Guess the book deal will be a very lucrative deal for you, won’t it rino bill bar. Traitorous bastard.

    • I don’t know what your smoking, but it’s clouding your judgement. The best president in my lifetime against who? There is no one in any party that draws the support Trump does.
      You need to have that TDS checked.

  14. Trump doesn’t want to burn the house down. He wants to burn the system down. Which really needs to be done. The whole system is cancerous to the core. Burn baby burn!!

  15. We the people are witnessing the burning of the country. Because of career establishment people like you. Trump called out all you corrupt Bastards. He had the people behind him, putting America first. We will vote for him again. Trump 2024 .

  16. Too funny….who is Barr worried about. Maybe his own ass and other backstabbing rino’s who should be prosecuted for hidden crimes that Trump could expose. Trump had a live and let live attitude towards these shitbirds. He just went about doing the people’s business like no other president in the history of this country. Now fools like Barr are going after Trump. Trump will win his nomination and be our next president. Sorry DML…DESANTIS will get destroyed and maybe have his political career go down as well. Trump 2024!!!!


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