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National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Dr. Francis Collins stressed the dangers of incorrect claims regarding the COVID-19 vaccines and suggested tracking down spreaders of vaccine misinformation in an interview with NPR on Sunday.

“The thing that worries me most is the way in which misinformation and, frankly, disinformation has become so prominent in the face of a public health crisis,” Collins told NPR. “And it has been manipulated in some situations for political reasons in a fashion that is turning our culture wars into something really serious.”

The article goes on to state the following:

When asked whether misinformation is “the deadliest disease,” Collins responded affirmatively, encouraging repercussions for those who intentionally spread false claims about the vaccines.

Collins declared, “I really think they are the ones that we ought to be trying to track down and figure out, why are you doing this? And isn’t there some kind of justice for this kind of action?”

“Isn’t this like yelling fire in a crowded theater? Are you really allowed to do that without some consequences?” Collins continued.

LISTEN to the interview in the audio player below:

Writer and documentary filmmaker Leighton Woodhouse shared the following in a series of fiery Twitter posts:

This is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever read from a public official. NIH director Francis Collins wants people to be “brought to justice” for spreading “misinformation,” which Collins defines as, basically, criticizing Anthony Fauci.

As I’m sure I’ll be corrected by people saying that he’s just talking about outright lies — no, he’s not. He’s specifically talking about the wave of criticism over NIAID’s dark history of animal experimentation. This is not “misinformation.” It’s categorically true.

There is a *single* animal experiment that NIAID had been accused of funding which it claims it did not fund. The Washington Post stenographed this claim, but there’s a ton of reason to question it, which I covered at length here.

But even if you granted NIAID that single denial — which I do not — it’s literally one experiment in a history of billions of $ of funding animal experiments over nearly 4 decades under Anthony Fauci. NIAID does not deny funding those thousands of experiments. It’s all public.

And yet Collins is seizing on this threadbare denial of a single experiment — which, again, is a bullshit denial — to claim that critics of Fauci’s entire history of cruel animal experimentation are peddling “misinformation” and should be *prosecuted.*

This is the political will of, in Martin Gurri’s lexicon, “the Center.” A set of institutions so confident in the righteousness of their authority that they’ll blatantly lie, then casually call for state suppression of those with the gall to question them.

Trump called his critics in the media “fake news” and threatened to loosen libel laws to make it easier to sue journalists. His critics freaked out, appropriately. How is this any different?

Here’s the print version. Washington Post just straight up calling people liars if they don’t believe the government’s line. Again, the *only* evidence that WaPo has that this story isn’t exactly as White Coat Waste documented it is the NIH telling it so.

This is Judith Miller level credulousness.

There’s legitimate misinfo out there for sure. Obviously. I don’t dispute that. But more and more of what the institutions of The Center are calling “misinfo” is just democracy. I wrote about it here. This pursuit of misinfo is about restricting democracy.

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  1. Tell the truth about the numbers of people who have died from the vaccine and also the number of people who have had serious reaction to vaccine, and those with other types of reactions to vaccine.

  2. Wow they are determined to silence all conservatives! This is outrageous! These idiots must think we all have to think like them act like them love them or die. Ugh. Morons.

  3. Then they better go after ALL the lying corrupt media outlets for ALL the misinformation that continues example : Kyle Rittenhouse sure they wont

    • Exactly right on! Better go after Anthony Fauci first. He’s so confused and flip flops more than a fish out of water, that NO ONE BELIEVES HIM! He’s a puppet of the Democrat party! It’s as Plain and simple as that!!!! Lie, Lie, and lie some more.

  4. Now, that is a super ambiguous reason to just arrest somebody. We really are turning into a foul, disgusting, $hithole, socialist garbage pit.

  5. …more like hunting down spreaders of “disagreed with” information rather than “false” information…people this antagonizing will NEVER disappear until current federal leadership is voted gone from power.

  6. They need to stop putting out their own disinformation. Try the truth for once. Otherwise we the people will correct the the lying bullshit you spread.

  7. First Amendment rights still apply here in America and we have the right to speak our opinions
    Besides that look at all the lies we’ve caught them in

  8. Well well, bye bye 1 st amendment… And hell while they are at it, scrap the bill of rights. Shit get rid of that that u know the thing while ur at it. N the Constitution, haha, toilet paper… I HATE DEMOCRATS…ALL THEY WANT IS MAIL IN BALLOTS FOREVER…….HATEM

  9. The more jabs you get the quicker you die there that’s the truth Africa has no jabs and covid is gone if the US had just let it go thru the population this whole mess would be over but no Dems can’t waste a crisis or make anything into a crisis and they’re making millions of our tax dollars pushing a jab that perpetuates the pandemic so they can continue their Golden Goose the countries that mandate jabs have continuing outbreaks the jab keeps spreading covid

    • You are so right. Without the jabs this pandemic would be over with. People unfortunately are so stupid they ( those who take the jabs) believe they are protected. They are actually the super spreaders!

  10. We’ve been disinformed about COVID for the last seven years since Fauci started paying the Chinese to make it. Collins and the rest of the A-holes have no credibility when it comes to calling others out.

  11. It sickens me that we are at a point where our government nonlonger serves the people. It has become an autocratic entity bent on ignoring the Constitution. Pursuing people posting contrary ideas on covid is protected under the 1st amendment. But not according to Biden.

  12. Social scoring, China is winning and will meet or beat their 100 year communist China anniversary goal of world domination by 2049, just as planned.

    • You are absolutely right.
      Everyone needs to do their research on China’s involvement with our government and how it wants to control the world.

  13. Yeah/ go after the people that reported the vaccine info wouldn’t be out for 52 years!!!!!!!!!!! I know that was my information!!!!!!!!!! Please- do that first!!!!!!! Take your nazi ways somewhere else.

  14. Look no further than your own mouth
    That’s all you people do is lie And invite those you can control to violence upon those who disagree with you
    Oh I bet you people really are conniving 24/7 to come up with your gestapo.
    It’s not long before you will see tha wrath of God or what millions of very angry Americans are going to do

  15. Uh President Biden, you did not nor your cronies want to stop the disinformation spread continually about President Trump. About the racist label you put on Rittenhouse you have no say over and above anyone’s constitutional right to free speech. Last I learned this is Communist ways of dealing with Your Authority and all Americans do not stand with you when you make ignorant power grabs so you can feel better about the lies and power grabs you are making on each citizen which BTW you are causing the unrest and stirring up problems that do not nor did they exist within the majority of The USA. Anyone of us have sob stories we can tell. But you discriminate yourself so you have zero right to hush people who oppose your admin your usurped authority and thats not me, that Word came Directly from The One who sees all knows all. I dont have to buy into anyone’s opinion. I just get the Truth the old Fashioned way. I’ve got a brain and brains and they will always work separately from the mobs tactics.

  16. What we really need to do is to round up all these ass holes that forgot they work for us and line them up in front of a firing line after charging them with treason! FJB!!

  17. A government that can mandate injections is a tyranny that can mandate anything. Want to see the worst spreaders of misinformation, Joe? Look no further than Dr. Fauci and your mirror.

  18. Then why ALL the covid deaths reported when folks actually succumbed to another illness? No non covid related flu deaths in 2020? Where’s the truth about vaccine related deaths? Corruption is why and the mainstream media is leading the parade of miss information. The narrative changes daily thanks to Fakei. How about a national debate with folks from both sides debating the issues and let the people decide. No one from the corrupt media outlets allowed to moderate only the scientist/medical professionals from each side


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