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The Biden administration advanced a federal review of the impact of leasing public waters for offshore wind farms in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday.

The review is part of President Joe Biden’s goal to permit at least 30 gigawatts of offshore wind production by 2030, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) announced. BOEM will study the environmental impacts of wind farm leases across a 30-million-acre swath of ocean that stretches from the Mississippi River to the U.S.-Mexico border off the coast of Texas.

The article goes on to state the following:

“The Gulf of Mexico is well-positioned to support a transition to a renewable energy future, as much of the infrastructure already exists to support offshore wind development in the region,” said BOEM Director Amanda Lefton.

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  1. Hurricane 5 resistant windmills. Ha we will be in constant grave danger of electric shortages and kill wildlife. But we must remember Joe still thinks he living in the 1940s with blacks being little more than slaves.

  2. Just installing the foundation of a single offshore turbine can consume 18,857 barrels of marine fuel during construction, according to calculations published by Forbes Wednesday. Offshore wind farms often have over 100 wind turbines, meaning that building them requires almost 2 million barrels of fuel just to power the ships involved in construction.

    Lastly, the number of migratory birds that will meet their death in the gulf will be staggering.

  3. Wind farms are Avian blenders. The narrative is that feral and domestic cats kill more birds than windmills. The number are quite large.

    • Agreed.Demostic Cats kill a tremendous amount of wildlife and they r the ones that need to kept in check.but, the animals lovers screamed about it. Need a hunting license and a season on cats. I rather much look at small game and song birds n my backyard then domestic murdering cats that breed like flies.

  4. The birds…then the environmental impact of what to do with the turbines when they have to be replaced. They have to bury these things and cannot recycle them. Where are the environmentalists on this idea??!! Especially the birds…which has taken decades to rebuild their populations back up. Shows they really don’t care about the environment to start with…butvuts all about the dollars they can get into their pockets from special interests and kickbacks. I really wish people would open their eyes.

  5. How can this at all be environmental. For one, they aesthetically are ugly. They destroy the landscape. If you’ve driven through MN, SD, WY… it’s sad. They kill wildlife. And will never produce the amount of energy we need. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Now we are going to ruin the Gulf??!! This is some Left scam and some benefactor is going to rake in billions.

  6. Louisiana and Texas need to say no. The fishing commercial and private will be destroyed. Sealife will leave due to the vibration and sound. Migration will be damaged or destroyed. Sea turtles will not continue to repopulate . Our coastal waterways will be destroyed. And the debri of the turbines from a Cat 4 or 5 hurricane can’t even imagine the damage. When wind and rain are enough. See only further destruction of the USA and all that we are.

  7. Biden and his ilk are determined to destroy this nation. Of course they do not want these ugly wind farms along the east coast. Might destroy their beautiful view. Geez!


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