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Fresh off his loss in Virginia’s gubernatorial race to Republican Glenn Youngkin, Democrat Terry McAuliffe may already be close to having a new job in nearby Washington, D.C., a new report said.

According to Punchbowl News, McAuliffe has interested suitors in the Biden administration who are looking to bring him on board.

The article goes on to state the following:

What McAuliffe would do in the administration is unclear, as President Biden’s Cabinet is full, but “multiple high-level sources” reportedly told Punchbowl News that the White House is looking for a place for McAuliffe.

According to the report, it’s the White House that is actively recruiting McAuliffe, not McAuliffe asking for a job within the administration.

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  1. Corruption continues at record levels. DEMONcrates are the most inept anti America people in history and look at the minion troll lemmings that actually defend/support this party of hate and divide

  2. Probably in a very high level bureaucratic position and can’t be fired by the next administration but will work against Trump when he gets back into office in 2024.

  3. I do not know who the Pied Piper for Washington,DC will be but hoping they come soon…
    I am a President Trump supporter but I do not know it will be him. I do know the person will be supported by him. Our MAGA movement is alive and well although many are frustrated.
    As bad as things are and they are bad on so many levels, many including myself, would still be sleep walking unaware of the
    layers and layers of corruption our tax dollars pay and are used for.,,, Lessons are hard to learn but with the truth out, never will be forgotten. May God forever bless President Trump for his undying love for America and those who love snd support out great country.
    Now…. que the music for the Pied Piper… please


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