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President Biden’s approval ratings have been epically low, but on a Thanksgiving Day stop at a New England Coast Guard station they suddenly reached the single digits.

A Nantucket man presented Biden’s motorcade with the middle finger Thursday as the unpopular commander in chief made the holiday stop during his stay at a billionaire’s island compound.

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Biden’s approval ratings are in collapse amid the highest inflation in 31 years, which has driven up the costs of everything from turkey dinners to gas, and he’s increasingly been greeted with vulgar gestures and chants even when visiting deep-blue states.

According to White House pool reporter Zolan Kanno-Youngs, Biden’s motorcade received a generally friendly welcome but reporters “did spot one gentleman standing on his porch giving the middle finger to the presidential motorcade as we neared the coast guard station.”

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  1. So what’s the point of even knowing what he does…… everything he does or says ruins someone’s life or lives. Makes me sick 🤢

  2. Clown show in full blown hypocrisy, all those greetings for Thanksgiving when they really hate it and want it removed from history, since it so racist. The comments on twitter were dumb they think biden is doing a great job . Lol clueless people have so much hate for President Trump they could careless that people may be hungry or suffering because of the BS biden and his build back better crap.

  3. He “rented” his friends Nantucket ‘compound!?!? Please clarify this single-point rated geriatric, compulsive liar DID NOT RENT it! I’ll be damned this old man has us pay his shit and tells us to a effin electric car while easing inflation on gas all the while this Jack wagon lies and bumbles and blames everyone else while of day to day life is harder to afford…. All BECAUSE this paumpus platapus takes more vaca’s than his black predocesser with his raunchy u classy dressed wife he calls his doctor! Who btw last hubs didn’t even know she left him when she slitted to Biden!

  4. Biden is a piece of crap. Doesn’t care about us or this country….just money and power. I will never believe he won the election. He has managed to destroy this country in less than a year. We have to stand up and stand together to turn this around before it’s too late.

    • Agree totally Patty, poopiejoe & his classless money hungry wife, both of them freeloaders and a total disgrace to America… The whole admin has to go!

  5. His sorry butte needs to hit the jail cell. He makes every American sick to their stomach
    Because we know it’s our blood that it will take to rid America of the vile Satanic evil people in our government not only in Washington but throughout America.

  6. The picture with Jill wearing her hooker boots was not taken on Nantucket In the month of November. It’s cold on Nantucket and those people are in short sleeves and shorts.


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