REPORT: Biden Begins New Year by Freeing Hundreds of Illegal Alien Criminals into U.S.

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In the first 30 days of 2023, President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released from detention more than 550 illegal alien criminals into the United States.

The latest Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) data reveals that from January 1 through January 30, Biden’s DHS has released into the U.S. interior 564 illegal aliens with criminal convictions and those with pending criminal charges against them.

Most of those illegal alien criminals released this month did so via an order of recognizance. In total, DHS oversaw the release of 5,590 illegal aliens over the last 30 days. Those released are likely to go back to the American communities where they were initially arrested by ICE agents.

Fort the months of December and January combined, DHS released almost 1,000 illegal alien convicts into the U.S. interior, plus another 1,200 illegal aliens with pending criminal charges, the report explains.

Also so far during Fiscal Year 2023, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sources informed Fox News that there have been 293,993 known “gotaways” who have evaded Border Patrol agents but have been spotted through another form of surveillance since Oct. 1.

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REPORT: CBP admits alarming number of ‘Gotaways’ who slipped past border agents in less than four months


  1. What in the hell is this dumb son of a bitch doing releasing all these criminal aliens back into our streets. We need to impeach Biden and send him with all the illegals including his ugly wife Jill because I am sure she agreed with him and democrats, Obama and asshole SOROS

  2. Is there no system of checks and balances anymore? Why is Biden allowed to even do this to the detriment of our country and our safety and security. Does no one have the capability (or balls) to stop him? Come on. This has to be stopped!

    • He hasn’t got a clue. He’s not running this country. It’s his pal. He’s the puppet doing what he’s told to do & say. Collecting his pocket change. He’s a criminal like the rest of his administration. Maybe they should be shipped to his Delaware Beach property. See how he likes it then. Maybe they will tag his big beautiful block wall we built for him. He would deserve a boat full.

  3. Unfuckingbelievable that this pos gets away with this… I know he won’t be removed from office but the House needs to impeach him and force the Senate to go on record…

  4. Every crime and every death they one of these people crossing the border to include every death from the drugs flowing over the boarder he owns and will be remembered for. What a legacy to have.

  5. When is someone going to put a bullet in Biden’s head and end this bullshit.
    Don’t stop with Biden because these criminals can’t be rehabilitated.
    Should be OPEN SEASON on these kock suckers

  6. Isn’t it about time we stop Biden and Susan Rice from ruining our country further. The democrats know who really run this country and they approve of this mess.

  7. Our security is now more at risk thanks to Joe Biden or as we all believe Barack Obama! It is dispicable to think these criminals have anything to offer the U.S. They have nothing to offer us that we can’t take care of ourselves! If they live like the pictures we’ve seen, who wants them to work for you or live next door to you? What has America become full missionaries now? It’s clear this administration is run by the Deep State & the corruption is more than many of us could have believed. The money must be flowing in. Why are we doing more for illegals who clearly do not appreciate what’s been given, than for our homeless who beg for food & money? Honestly, at this point, if more isn’t done, we will be at our own mercy to take care of ourselves & our property & our kids. Joe can’t take care of his own kid! Look at the photos of trash they are leaving for working American citizens to pick up. What should happen is that each illegal invader is forced to clean after themselves or everything stops. They should now be forced to look daily for work & pay taxes. You want to be an American, suck it up buttercups or they go back to the way of life they are accustomed to & get Deported back! Before long N.Y. ritzy hotel will he full of Rats! If they do this now & demand more, what’s Joe really up too? He’s a criminal. He’s not a President! He’s not a commander & chief! He’s an old man who thinks he’s cute & in reality he’s sickening! Hair sniffing old fool! Biden & Co. brought America to it’s knees. He’s a S.O.B. that deserves NO recognition for his wrong doing. His just reward will be when he meets his Lord & Savior. He’ll have no body to defend him. He’ll be alone & answer to God why he fought so hard to kill babies when scriptures say clearly,” Thou shall not kill”! Did the Catholic Joe forgot the 10 commandments???? Can’t stand him!

    • I said I can’t stand him! I don’t hate anyone but dislike many who think by being told. He’s a No good President! He doesn’t work for America. He’s working for whoever put his ass up front. He’s a phoney! Furthermore, who will afford these 85,000 electric cars. Millionaires. Most salaries will not afford that on minimum wage. The repairs alone will not be affordable & when the batteries go, somebody tell us, what will happen to our environment then? Where will they be buried? Also, to allow these illegals in N.Y. to put demands on this countries taxpayer is reason to boycott this gov’t! Perhaps a Real Revolution will he necessary. I can’t stand him is right!

  8. My rural community 2.5 hours from los angeles has been a quiet community for years. Now for the past three years we have seen illegal aliens popping up and now loitering at the local gas station and 7-11. They leer and make lewd comments to 12 year old girls walking to school since that is normal in central america. There are now illegal taco and coconut stands in abandoned lots and the schools are inundated with illegal alien kids who can’t speak English. Consequently, our property taxes have risen. This is the end of our nation.

    • Well the blue state, left liberals went along with this nonsense & now we all got what they voted for. Like it or jot. No relief in sight for years. Taxes, taxes & more taxes. Better learn another language because English is no longer the official language & Republican Party Politician best grow a set of Moose Balls!


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