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The Biden administration is facing backlash over the rollout of COVID tests being made available to every American household, with critics saying its efforts are too little, too late.

The White House announced Friday that 500 million rapid at-home tests will be available for ordering online beginning Jan. 19 for free. The two requirements upon ordering is a name and a residential mailing address. Up to four tests can be ordered per household on a government website.

The article goes on to state the following:

However, the White House’s admission of when Americans might actually receive the COVID tests is garnering attention.

“To order their tests, the only two things people will need are their name and residential mailing address. Tests will typically ship through the mail within 7-12 days of ordering, and be delivered First Class through the U.S. Postal Service,” the White House tweeted.

Twitter users are having a hay-day with the announcement:

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  1. Oh my gosh! Seeing how the majority are naturally immune now and those who aren’t soon will be- what the hell is the purpose of sending out tests? Oh I know- cuz he doesn’t recognize natural immunity and wants to punish those not vaccinated by having them take weekly tests. The clowns running this country in the background never cease to amaze me.

    • How long do you think it takes to produce the vaccine? 430 million doses .years think people this has been planned long time ago . probably before 2015.

  2. I guess the “NEW” pcr tests hit the shelves, huh? No wait, they didn’t. These are the same faulty tests that they’ve been using with the false results to determine how much freedom the American citizens can have. Before Kary Mullis mysteriously died so suddenly, (hmmm) he tried to halt the use of pcr testing because it is NOT a diagnostic tool and can pick up dead virus cells from an infection (any sort of Corona virus) from months ago, hence the false positives. Do you think they knew this but used it anyway because they could manipulate the cycles? Hmmmm…this Brandon regime is making big tech companies billionaires and are getting huge kick backs for themselves, using our tax dollars. I see on fakebook how all the Karen’s are so excited in anticipation of their home test kits that will only inflate the phony case numbers more.

  3. Does anyone even know if the omicron variant can b detected by these tests that the paranoid want so badly??
    Secondly, IF the test shows positive, what will the person with a cold do????
    Oh wait….they’ll all post they have Covid!! Hahahahaha sooooooo pathetic!!! Then take some Advil and go to bed! Lol

  4. What’s the purpose of these tests?? Their results aren’t accepted at most workplaces because they are inaccurate. Just a total waste of money as usual.
    I’d be willing to bet they will show positive with tap water. Just to try stirring up more BS

  5. It doesn’t matter the test doesn’t work
    this is ridiculous should of done it 2 years ago when people still believe that the test and vaccine actually worked and mattered
    now it’s just a cold and Biden wants to act like he did something. PLEASE get rid of these assholes .

  6. Hahaha , well nothing can possibly go wrong with shipping through the post. People will find them in the mail box and take them . A lot of crazy out there will buy them.

  7. Nobody is looking at this right. The more tests available… the scamdemic will continue on and on and on. At my job im supposed to test negative if around someone who tested positive. All these woke companies digging in even deeper .

  8. They are going to send us test s made in China . The same place where the CCP virus cane from . For all I know the swab could have the virus and they want us to stick it up our noses. No Thanks .


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