REPORT: Biden buries immigration courts in massive ‘avalanche’ of pending cases amid border crisis

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The number of immigration cases waiting to be decided in federal court has increased at a faster rate under the Biden administration than under any other president, according to a report published Tuesday by a nonpartisan research organization.

Nearly 1.6 million people have cases pending in the U.S. immigration court system, the most ever recorded in history, according to the Transnational Records Access Clearinghouse, an affiliate of Syracuse University in New York.

The article goes on to state the following:

The dramatic increase means illegal immigrants will wait years before having their claims decided, and that is expected to grow worse as the southern border crisis intensifies.

The report reveals that on top of already back-logged cases, the Biden administration added another 305,427 cases to the docket since March 2021, burying the less than 500 immigration judges across the nation in an “avalanche,” which means illegal aliens will have to wait “years” before their asylum claims are heard and decided.

In their report, a research professor at TARC compared the number of backlogged cases to more people than the population of Philadelphia, the sixth-largest city in the United States.

When Obama took office at the beginning of 2009, there were about 200,000 pending asylum cases.  By the time Trump took office in January 2017, the number of pending cases had climbed to 572,000.  When Trump left office, 1.3 million cases were pending.

Now the Biden administration has added another 305,427 cases in their first year.

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  1. It also means that legal immigrants who must obtain waivers may have to wait years for what used to take only two-three months to process.


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