REPORT: Biden falsely claims RNC chair said default good for GOP

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President Joe Biden falsely claimed on Thursday that Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel had said a U.S. default on the debt ceiling would “bode very well” for the GOP come 2024.

Speaking to Fox News host Martha MacCallum on Wednesday, McDaniel had been asked to comment on a Quinnipiac poll about the current Republican presidential candidates.

“This can be anybody’s race,” MacCallum said. “But the former president is clearly in a significant lead position right now, Ronna. What would you say to voters as they look at the numbers on the screen right now?”

McDaniel said, “I think it is early. We have to look at Biden’s numbers and that’s where Republicans should be paying attention to his low approval. This is not a president that the American people feel is doing a good job on their behalf.”

She continued, “The vast majority of Americans feel like we’re not heading in the right track. And then you look at this debt ceiling crisis. You look at us about to default, and you see that president took 90 days out from negotiating. He refused to come to the table with Republicans. Republicans have put a plan on the table and this is an MIA president when it comes to problems that the American people are facing — whether it’s energy independence, whether it’s fentanyl, whether it’s a broken border, whether it’s crime surging in our streets.”

McDaniel added, “This is a president that is failing the American people. So I think that bodes very well for the Republican field.”

Biden wrote on Twitter Thursday, “Defaulting on the debt—including trillions incurred under Donald Trump—could mean seniors missing Social Security checks and millions of jobs lost. It sounds like the head of the Republican Party thinks that’s a price worth paying to elect Republicans.”

McDaniel responded, “Yes, I called you a failing President. Yes, your policies are so unpopular that it bodes well for Republicans to take back the White House. You wasting time to tweet at me proves my point. Get back to work #bigguy. There’s a default looming, icymi.”

She also posted, “Joe Biden claimed he was ‘blameless’ on the debt ceiling. A CNN poll showed 60% back the Republican position and a Fox News poll showed a plurality of Americans would rightly blame Biden if there’s a default.”

“Must watch! @SteveScalise is spot on – Republicans are the only ones who have voted to responsibly raise the debt limit while reining in wasteful spending!”

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  1. Why is this mess used to punish the elderly by with holding our SS checks?? This is not an entitlement! We paid into this for years! We now depend on it. Maybe the so called president and his administration not get paid so the seniors can survive. They also borrowed money from SS and I don’t believe it was ever paid back. This admin is a disgrace!

  2. When will Biden ever be held accountable for the lies and for perjury to the people of this country. If this was President Trump telling these lies and comments he’d already been would have been impeached 1,000 times or more but it’s okay. Bidens days as President are getting less every day by one. I don’t think he will be re-elected.


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