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EXCLUSIVE — President Joe Biden is losing support among voters who once backed his predecessor after flipping them two years ago.

A poll analyzing voters who supported former President Donald Trump in 2016 before casting a ballot for Biden in 2020 has found just 3 in 10 would back the incumbent again.

The article goes on to state the following:

The poll, published by Republican public opinion research firm J.L. Partners, also found 1 in 5 of the same voters graded Biden as performing “very well” as president. Voters older than 65 were more critical of Biden, with 7% echoing the assessment.

“For Biden, the poll is bleak,” J.L. Partners founder James Johnson told the Examiner.

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  1. William Deater, I read you loud and clear. What a loser for a president! Make America Weaker!

  2. BS !! He does not even no his own name, really! You guys get more ridiculous by the moment. Even if they fell from they are not going to vote for Biden!!!!

  3. There was no excuse to vote for this incompetent idiot… Look at what has happened to our country due to these dumb-ass Biden voters… They can all go to hell…

  4. Biden’s election had all fraud votes and that was illegal and he is not go to win again and he will end out in the nut house. Also believe that someone is taking him to the bathroom to owe or poop because he doesn’t know where to go

  5. We cannot allow this clown to remain in office for two more years and the idiot Vice President needs to go as well!!!! They are destroying America! The damn democrats all need to go! Pelosi, Schumer, the Squad pigs, AOC, Schiff and even some of the traitor republicans like McConnell!!!! We gotta step up and speak up! We can no longer allow an open border and giving illegals phones, baby food and whatever else they are giving them is a slap in the face to the American people!!!!! We can no longer stand by and do nothing! Giving billions to Ukraine while bankrupting our country!!!!! We need Trump back and now!!!!!

  6. Trump won that last election and the democrats cheated. We all know it was fraud and it should never have been sanctioned! Biden is not the president of theirs country!!!!


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