REPORT: Biden ‘I Did That’ Stickers Are At Gas Pumps Everywhere

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Americans are experiencing a new kind of sticker shock as stickers depicting President Joe Biden pointing and saying “I did that” appear at gas stations across the country.

With the average price of a gallon of gas reaching $4.326—just shy of the highest recorded national average price of $4.311—the stickers of Biden are popping up at pumps everywhere.

The article goes on to state the following:

Reporters from The New York Post found the stickers on a pump at a Speedway in the Mott Haven neighborhood of New York. They also found three stickers at a Shell pump in Harlem. They sell in packs of 100 for $7.98 on Amazon.

A gas station manager in Alabama revealed to that he removes about 5-6 Biden stickers from his pumps daily.



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  1. My tweet that got the most likes in reply to Steve Hilton “ Biden a total failure of quite literally epic proportions” I feel I hit the nail on the head. Follow me on Twitter @Patriot1Realty for more insightful tweets about our misguided leaders.

  2. Wow the gasoline stations look great because Biden did make the problems At the gas stations and it was not Putin but it’s all Biden because he closed the pipelines. Also dementia Biden is saying it was Putin who did it. Biden is like hell blaming someone else like Putin. And because of dumb Biden all Americans are having financial problems except for the millionaires and billionaires period.

  3. I bought 200 facing in each direction! I not only put them on gas pumps but on meat packages & veggie boxes at the stores.
    I also handed some out to friends when I first got them. BIG HIT WITH REAL AMERICANS!!

    • Mine Are in the mail, will be handing them out to those in the neighborhood that I know that will place them where they belong.i thought about the grocery store as well

    • Yaya…the meat prices have been high since Trump…the big4 packers,the retailers,USDA,BEEFCHECKOFF, NCBA are the cause Now we can add pedo joes hyper inflation to the NWO Reset of Vertical integration of our Food supply. I urge everyone that cares where your Beef is from to visit
      I am a small generational beef cattle producer only the big dogs profit and have been for years off the backs of consumers and pushing we small producers out of business. I wont fold Iam toughing it out!

  4. He gas prices were starting to sky rocket well before Putin so start taking accountability of your complete failure as a President! You are not our President! You’re just a corrupt old man that stole the election and we all know it! I’d like to know how these idiots can tell lies all day and still sleep at night? They are nothing but swamp monsters. Obama, Clinton, carrot head and of course sleepy Joe the goat!

  5. Mine Are in the mail, will be handing them out to those in the neighborhood that I know that will place them where they belong.

  6. I love ‘em!! I Want to join the fun and get some myself!! But be careful! My fear is that the liberal loonies on the left will soon get pissed off and start arresting people for vandalism or some made up crime or find a way to “cancel” you! Or worse, assault you! Look how they enforce mask mandates! They threw someone off a plane for wearing a mask with “Lets Go Brandon” printed on it!

  7. I’ve bought 500 so far! I put them up in high prices everywhere! Vandalism? Give me a freaking break! Keep taking them down! We have plenty more where those came from! FJB!


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