REPORT: Biden is trailing THIS Democrat in key state for 2024

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President Joe Biden finds himself trailing Pete Buttigieg in the latest New Hampshire poll where he is tied with Sen. Elizabeth Warren among Democrats – in a state that gave his successful 2020 campaign a rocky start.

Biden’s overall popularity is also narrowly under water among Democrats in the state, where some party leaders have warned he could be vulnerable to an internecine challenge due to his low popularity.

Biden, 80, is reportedly planning to launch his presidential reelection campaign next month, with a run that would likely clear much of the field, even amid some Democratic grousing about his performance.

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  1. We know why biden is failing but why anyone on that list % is growing is beyond me. They all are just as bad if not worse then the clown biden.

  2. As bad as the demorats have been in the last 2 yrs, sending our country down the shit hole ,,,why WHY, would anyone vote for another demorat

    • For the same reason that they voted for a democrat last time. They would be disliked less than the Great MAGA Charlatan. Just as Hillary was disliked more than him the first time before they figured out what kind of person he is before 2020.
      . Trump Derangement Syndrome is a socially engineered disease spread among misinformed, but well-intentioned individuals who formed a group led by a master manipulator who uses the gullible to satisfy his social climbing narcissism


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