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President-elect Joe Biden will be examined by a doctor after slipping and twisting his ankle while playing with his dog Major, Biden’s transition team said Sunday.

Biden’s slip occurred on Saturday while he was playing with one of his two German Shepherds. The transition team said the president-elect will be examined by an orthopedist Sunday afternoon out of an abundance of caution.

The article goes on to state the following:

The former vice president who turned 78 last week will become the oldest president inaugurated into office in U.S. history.

Biden has been widely recognized by media outlets as the president-elect for three weeks, but the winner of the election has yet to be officially confirmed. President Trump has not conceded the race and continues to push back on the election results in the courts.

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  1. I saw that and thought, how delicate.
    He has one foot in the grave!

    Now he’ll get the attention of the #MSM, who will be sad and licking his bum for a frickin week!

  2. I could care less what happens to that stinking rotten bastard Biden he’s just an old piece of poop that lies cheats and steals and this is a fraudulent election it’ll go down in history if not fixed now as being the most fraudulent election in all time history of the history of this United States we will never ever see a fair election if this fraud is not fixed now ever there will never be a Republican voted back into office ever we will become a banana republic fact. Now we know how these schumers and pelosi’s Gavin newsoms Maxine Waters how they’ve been getting back into office fraudulent voting this is despicable and they’ve been doing it for years criminal Democrats

  3. He probably fell by himself by losing balance but blamed it on the dogs. Lying piss of s..t he is. Along with all the other leftist

  4. dog 🐕 needs to bite his Snake to pay to all ladies ge sexually assaulted even his ladies secret agents naked while in front of them

  5. keywords:

    Biden has been widely recognized ‘by media outlets’ as the president-elect for three weeks, but the winner of the election has yet to be officially confirmed.

    Who gave the MEDIA the authority to ‘widely recognize’ someone as ‘something’……… confused? just more of Biden gibberish…….. Biden and the ho ……..

  6. Article also says that he is going to be the oldest to be inaugurated into office. Who knows if he will be inaugurated? Hopefully NOT!


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