REPORT: Biden visits border port, wall separating US and Mexico

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President Biden on Sunday visited a port of entry and walked along a border wall that separates El Paso, Texas, from Mexico, marking the first time he has visited the southern border during his presidency.

Biden walked along a portion of the border wall that has the city of Juárez, Mexico, on the other side. The rust-colored wall along the dirt path that Biden walked along was about 18 feet high.

Reporters traveling with the president did not notice any migrants in view of Biden. Walking alongside Biden were Border Patrol officers, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Democratic Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar.

When asked what he’s learned at the border, Biden said, “They need a lot of resources. We’re going to get it for them.”

Biden also confirmed that he didn’t have the chance yet to read the letter Gov. Greg Abbott handed to him upon his arrival in Texas.

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