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President Joe Biden promised to get women back to work through the Build Back Better Act, which he says makes caregiving more accessible and more affordable.

“Nearly 2 million women in our country have been locked out of the workforce because they have to care for a child or an elderly relative at home,” Biden commented on Twitter. “My Build Back Better Act will make caregiving accessible and affordable and help them get back to work.”

The article goes on to state the following:

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. in early 2020, nearly 3.5 million mothers with young children wither lost their jobs, took leaves of absence or left the labor market, the Associated Press reported.

National Review writer Alexandra DeSanctis Marr responded to Biden’s message on Twitter and wrote, “Yet again government bureaucrats send the message that someone other than you should be taking care of your children.”

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  1. Sure, as soon as he gets done tearing the country down. Nice to know we’ll be part of building it back better. Fuck Joe Biden

  2. So. Mother’s should be working out of the home and paying people to raise their children? Are we now shaming parents who choose to stay home and do the job themselves? It has to do with need and personal choices rather than government influences.

  3. I am 63 and paid for my own childrens daycare. I made 5.25 an hour and daycare took 25% of that. Suck it up America if you want babies pay for them


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