REPORT: Biden’s America: Nearly Half of Consumers Say They Will Spend Less This Holiday Season

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Nearly half of U.S. consumers say they will spend less this holiday season, data from DealAid’s 2022 Holiday Shopping & Inflation report found.

With economic confidence tumbling and inflation remaining high, Americans are making changes to the way they will treat the holiday season this year.

According to the data, 48.2 percent of the 1,100 U.S. consumers surveyed “will spend less money due to inflation during holiday shopping season in 2022,” and just 20.9 percent said they will spend “more.” About 16 percent said their spending will remain the same:

The report identified “gifts” as the retail category that will be most affected by inflation (49 percent). Other categories affected include electronics (39 percent), clothing (33 percent), food (30 percent), and beauty (27 percent).

56.4 percent of holiday shoppers said their “biggest concern” is inflation, 46.4 percent said “funds,” and 41.8 percent said “item stock.”

Similarly, Americans are skimping on Thanksgiving holiday due to inflation. A Personal Capital survey found that high prices are causing one in four people to skip their Thanksgiving entirely.

The Michigan GOP tweeted, “Democrat’s inflation has ruined the holidays. A record 60% of Americans report living paycheck to paycheck as we head into the holiday season.”

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  1. I will be spending about 1/4 of my usual . I’m lucky I have adult kids and they more than understand . This year is truly about getting back to family and what’s important . Christmas will be baking , music , movies and being together . In my world , that’s perfect . Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! I hope you all have a joyful day !!! 🦃💖🦃

  2. What about not having anything at all on the table? No work. no family. no food. Welcome to america. I know I’m not alone saying this.

  3. While many families are not celebrating Thanksgiving due to inflation and food prices going up, meanwhile, Joe Biden is spending $20,000 for a party….

  4. Being on disability, there’s barely enough to pay the bills with this inflation let alone have enough for holidays. FJB and his Demonrats!


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