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President Biden’s new line of attack on Republicans was apparently the result of liberal-funded research.

Over the past week, Biden has repeatedly referred to his political adversaries as “ultra-MAGA,” referring to former President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” 2016 slogan.

The article goes on to state the following:

The label has quickly been embraced by the right from lawmakers to the former president himself.

Biden also attempted to insult Trump by calling him the “MAGA King,” but that backfired as well, as Trump gleefully seized on the label.

The Washington Post published a report Friday afternoon revealing that Biden’s attack on the MAGA brand was all done on purpose after months of “research.”  The Post wrote:

Biden’s attempt to appropriate the “MAGA” brand as a political attack was hardly accidental. It arose from a six-month research project to find the best way to target Republicans, helmed by Biden adviser Anita Dunn and by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a liberal group.

The polling and focus group research by Hart Research and the Global Strategy Group found that “MAGA” was already viewed negatively by voters — more negatively than other phrases like “Trump Republicans.”

In battleground areas, more than twice as many voters said they would be less likely to vote for someone called a “MAGA Republican” than would be more likely. The research also found that the description tapped into the broad agreement among voters that the Republican Party had become more extreme and power-hungry in recent years.

Navin Nayak, president and executive director of CAP Action Fund, claimed, “All of that extremism gets captured in that brand.”

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki defended Biden’s attacks on the MAGA brand this week, claiming, “He’s also not going to stand by and not call out what he sees as ultra MAGA behavior, ultra MAGA policies that are out of the mainstream of the country and are not in the interest of the American people.”

CAP Action is defiantly continuing their attack on the MAGA brand.

“Despite what Trump thinks, the MAGA Republican circus has no ringleader,” they sneered in a Twitter post on Friday, sharing a CNN article.

In another Twitter post, CAP Action mocks the tax proposal put forth by Sen. Rick Scott, calling it the MAGA Republican Tax Plan.

CAP Action continues their attack on the “MAGA Republicans” in one Twitter post after another.

Raw Story senior editor Bob Brigham tweeted, “It’s funny to see Democrats pretend they have a messaging problem when the two significant pieces of legislation they passed made America’s police crisis and #ClimateChange worse. They just don’t seem to care about public policy outcomes.”

“How much money did Anita Dunn and the Center for American Progress Action Fund waste on their #MAGAKing disaster? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to spend the time delivering policy results instead of crap messaging? It almost seems like Joe Biden is actively trying to lose,” he added.

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  1. I think it’s hysterical that Biden’s insult failed. In what universe did he think Ultra Maga was going to be a bad thing? Ultra Maga is cool and President Trump is the Maga King!!

    • I always got a kick out of the obvious Dems who called in on radio talk shows etc. saying ‘I have always been a Republican but I am voting Democrat because the Republicans have gotten too extreme.’ They hadn’t voted GOP once in their lives.

  2. What you all have forgotten or never learned is the Declaration of Independence made it clear we do t need or want any stinking king!! I hope trump drops that quickly!! We do t need no stinking king! Ever!!

  3. This attack on ‘MAGA’ failed because as always they polled Dems and people who think as they do. They don’t want to know what anyone else thinks. They are their own echo chamber. Of course they thought going after ‘MAGA’ was a good approach.
    1. Almost nobody who isn’t already a Leftist is reading their tweets anyhow.
    2. Make America Great Again is not just a 2016 campaign slogan. I heard Donald Trump use that phrase years before he even seriously considered running for President. It was what he believed we needed to do – not like the hundred or more lame ‘slogans’ Hillary’s campaign tested out.

  4. Ultra MAGA!!!!!! All the way
    Out with the moronic Demoncrats. I have friends, or rather so called friends, and a sister that have had their mind so warped by these people and CNN that we can’t even be near each other. She tried to tell me Trump only did one thing right while he was in office. Wonder how proud she is now of Basement Joe. Good luck to her. I stay away from her after her telling me to go ahead and die!

    • It’s a shame that people are like that. My wife’s niece unfriended me on FB – she had posted ‘if you support Donald Trump, unfriend me.’ And I said ‘if you don’t want someone to be your friend it’s up to you to unfriend them.’ Before I could follow up with ‘I think friends and family should always be more important than politics’ she unfriended me. It’s okay, she’s a middle aged gay fat woman looking for ways to fill her empty life, she can replace me with a rainbow friend from her theater group.

  5. Love the term ULTRA MAGA and MAGA KING !
    It’s going to work until we’ll past election day !

  6. Biden is an idiot. MAGA isn’t a group. It is a movement that desires to put America first like every other country on the planet has done. Nobody wants to be the only country on the planet that puts itself last.

    The deeper Biden/Obama gets with destroying our country the more people want America first. If the administration was slaying it and Biden was a great “president” then he could probably talk crap about MAGA and gain traction.

    However, people know how great MAGA made their lives and how bad things are now. People are dying to have Trump back and not just Trumpers. People want their country prioritized and the problems fixed. You would have to be a complete idiot to support Biden at this point. Has has done NOTHING right in the first 15 months.

  7. They are so worried Trump is going to be president again they’re trying to put him down so Americans wouldn’t vote for him what moronic idiot came up with this you must be stupider than Joe Biden..

  8. Ummm according to 2000 Mules, that senile piece of 💩 for brains already lost. He’s been losing his whole life, it’s the only thing he’s good at.


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