REPORT: Biden’s DOJ is quietly trying to orchestrate taxpayer-funded bailout of pharmaceutical company

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The Biden administration quietly inserted itself into a private patent infringement lawsuit two biotech companies filed against COVID-19 vaccine maker Moderna, in a move experts said could establish a dangerous precedent.

In a surprise filing last month, U.S. Attorney David Weiss issued a “statement of interest” in the case on behalf of the Department of Defense and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), invoking a rarely-used early 1900s law to argue that the federal government should take on any liability for patent infringement Moderna may be guilty of related to the development of its COVID-19 vaccine.

“Where, as here, the Government directly contracts to procure the allegedly infringing goods or services in a contract that grants authorization and consent, the ‘benefit to the Government’ is inherent,” the filing stated. “Indeed, the contractor’s compliance with the contract’s obligations alone demonstrate the benefit: that the Government obtains goods and services for which it pays.”

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Former Fox News host Lou Dobbs reacted in fury, tweeting, “The Biden Regime is a criminal enterprise, robbing Americans of our country while practicing nothing less than Crony Communism. Their outrages have to stop before they destroy the country using taxpayer money–gifting student loans, bailing out Chinese VC.”

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  1. joe, you effing maggot, do you think we believe you actually received the covid vaccine. It was probably filtered water injected just under the skin.

  2. If nothing like Covid-19 has ever been around and it was so flipping deadly, then why are copying parts of the vaccine that doesn’t work? Doesn’t a slight variation of the vaccine change the copyright infringement issue?

  3. Biden and his band of criminals don’t give a flying fuck what the people think, they are out to destroy America anyway they can

  4. This sounds fishy to me. Does the DOJ, along with Biden, his cabinet and other Democrats, own stock in big pharma corporations? Why else would the DOJ try to cut a deal with big Pharma? My opinion, let’s follow the stock trades and but ups for these individuals. It’s the only way to be sure. Like I said previously, this is just my opinion.


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