REPORT: Biden’s Inflation Crisis Hasn’t Hit One Part Of Your Life Yet, But It Will Soon

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Healthcare costs are primed to surge soon, like other living costs have in recent months, due to the delayed effects of inflation.

The higher prices associated with labor, materials and other goods that have contributed to record-high inflation while squeezing middle-class America haven’t trickled into the healthcare sector yet. Prices set by Medicare and insurers are decided months in advance, so current rates don’t account for the full impact of inflation that has reached over 9%.

The article goes on to state the following:

Hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities have struggled to deal with the price pressure from rising costs without being able to raise rates, according to Politico. But that problem is likely to be alleviated soon, when providers will be able to pass on inflationary costs to consumers.

According to Politico, the forecasted price increase for hospitals sat around 2.7% for the current fiscal year but that now is expected to rise to more than 5%.

Matthew Fiedler, a senior fellow with the USC-Brookings Schaeffer Initiative for Health Policy, told Politico, “If you looked at the best measures of health care inflation, you wouldn’t really know that anything unusual is happening right now, which is obviously a stark contrast with the economy as a whole.”

American Hospital Association President and CEO Richard Pollack said in an interview, “We’re dealing with really significant rates of increases in input prices directly related to inflation, and a lot of that is driven by the labor side. Hospitals are experiencing pretty significant reductions in their operating margins, if you look at the numbers we’re struggling.”

Frank Luntz tweeted Thursday, “One month of 0% inflation doesn’t cancel out the past two years of nearly 10% inflation. 📈 Americans are hurting from rising prices, and they don’t want to be gaslit into thinking everything is fine.”

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  1. It’s already hit us! The cost of groceries, gas & utilities! Empty shelves at the grocery store! Rent has sky rocketed in my area but, the illegals are living it up in the local hotels & motels on the taxpayers!!😡

  2. Medicare is going up and most of my other insurance policies are letting me know about increases that are coming. This is all BS! It’s not like medical services aren’t already ridiculously priced now they want a raise. Just more overpaid crooks, if you ask me! 🤬🤬


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