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President Biden’s top aide, Ron Klain, took to Twitter Saturday to decry press coverage of his boss.

The chief of staff — known to insiders as the “Prime Minister” for his outside influence inside the West Wing — shared an opinion essay from the Washington Post arguing that Biden was receiving worse coverage than former President Trump.

The article goes on to state the following:

The piece from Post opinion columnist Dana Milbank warned that “My colleagues in the media are serving as accessories to the murder of democracy.”

Milbank begins the slam on the media’s treatment of Biden by listing some of the “negative” headlines by Politico over the last month, including “Dems start to face the hard questions,” and “White House braces for a bad CBO score.”

“It isn’t just Politico. My impression of other outlets’ coverage of President Biden had been much the same: unrelentingly negative. Was it my imagination?” Milbank asks.

Milbank quotes an analysis of the media coverage Biden has received in his first 11 months, compared to the media coverage of former President Donald Trump’s first 11 months, and alleges, “My colleagues in the media are serving as accessories to the murder of democracy.”

“After a honeymoon of slightly positive coverage in the first three months of the year, Biden’s press for the past four months has been as bad as — and for a time worse than — the coverage Trump received for the same four months of 2020,” Milbank writes.

Milbank lists an array of alleged faults by Trump:

In 2020, Trump presided over a worst-in-world pandemic response that caused hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths; held a superspreader event at the White House and got covid19 himself; praised QAnon adherents; embraced violent white supremacists; waged a racist campaign against Black Lives Matter demonstrators; attempted to discredit mail-in voting; and refused to accept his defeat in a free and fair election, leading eventually to the violence of Jan. 6 and causing tens of millions to accept the “big lie,” the worst of more than 30,000 he told in office.

“And yet Trump got press coverage as favorable as, or better than, Biden is getting today,” Milbank claimed.

Klain posted a link to the article and tweeted, “Submitted for your consideration.”

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  1. Really to negiative lol thats a laugh. President Trump has 4 yrs of BS from the press. They asked the same stupid questions over and over and over again. Yelled out of turned . Costa was rude all the time. Biden has nothing compared to what Trump went through…. So suck it up buttercup

  2. Cry me a River. What idiots these people are. Apparently they heard nothing that was said about President Trump the entire time he was President. The media and Democrats in Congress never stopped their negative abuse.

  3. Unbelievable, Biden hasn’t even walked a minute in President Trump’s shoes. Trump pushed forward despite 5 years of unrelenting criticism by main stream media, lies by civil servants, undermining by the judicial branch who made not stop political rulings, 2 impeachment trials, a 2 year investigation into a hoax perpetrated by Democrats, the media and the FBI, illegal wiretapping and investigations into his advisors and meanwhile Biden has had defense by the media for 11 months. Give me a break, Mr Klain, your President has made a mess of the country in all aspects.The fact is the People see through the lies and BS.

  4. To bad Milbank is a moron and a complete lier biden has been covered by msm more than any other pos in history and I mean he as president is a real pos. Is there anything he has done that is positive for Americans. I dare any reporter to name one positive and ill rebuke them with facts.

  5. We all remember every lie they told about Trump! So that person needs to shut up! Biden is hearing the truth everything negative thing said about him is the truth! I’m thinking they need to hear more truth

  6. Lol worse then our beloved president Trump not quite better get him a wet nurse for the big titty baby, if he can’t handle his media coverage then he can’t handle running the country. What a pussy

  7. Someone get this poor man a tissue, BAHAHAHA. They are in their 6th year trying to still crucify Trump, and poor JB gets some bad press. Well, I would Say he got what he deserves and earned, you moron!

  8. Me and boyfriend laugh because the way the press coddles Biden and even help Biden remember what the question was!! They viciously with such obvious stupidity attempted to verbally slaughter The real Pres- Trump. Their disgusting treatment was demoralizing the the United States too and they lost their credibility astronomically. There is NO trust in the fake news media or this ridiculous administration.

  9. If this is democracy give me communism. Joe- you are getting what you deserve! Your performance or those, rather, who are telling you what to do are horrible (to say it nicely). You are the one destroying democracy!!

  10. Coverage ? You mean the people hate him The press covers up for him.
    The only way he might not be hated so bad Is ! Put the pen down and stop killing Americans at the cost of your illegals And remove your disastrous executive orders. And do nothing until you leave At which time you will be arrested along with the rest of the departure and hung for treason

  11. Well, Ron I just looked it up and the first case in this country was discovered Dec 31st 2019. The vax your boss pushes every single day Trump managed to have created before your boss took over. He too listened to Fauci who said no masks were needed who Biden swears we should wear yet he and many Dems picks and chooses when they will wear in crowds of people when the know there are breakthrough cases.

    COVID is something he used as a tool to win and he said he would get rid of it. How has that one worked out so far. There have been more deaths under him than Trump and Trump was in office at the height of the virus. Since Trump like Biden does each has an advisory team and aren’t doctors and he couldn’t advise the country on what to do until his team was in place so look at them too.

    You’re an idiot that doesn’t seem to understand that the policies you advise him on is why he’s tanking more than everything and the whole calling people white supremacist is so worn out that most of this country ignores it. At least Trump didn’t praise them and call them his mentor like Biden did.


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