REPORT: Bill Gates says fake meat products will ‘eventually’ be ‘very good’

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Microsoft co-founder turned billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates said he is hopeful that fake meat products will eventually be a “very good” option for consumers even though the share of products in the “meat” market is small.

“I think eventually these products will be very good even though their share is small today,” Gates said in a Reddit forum on a question relating to tackling the climate crisis, first reported CNBC.

Gates said innovations like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, which are plant based food options that range from burger to chicken nugget alternatives, and the food technology company, Upside Foods, which takes animal cells to then grow meat in a laboratory environment, are crucial steps for reducing animal consumption.

Gates mentioned how approaches like vegetarianism or going vegan are more traditional ways of avoiding meat and said, “that is great,” but pointed out that most people will not choose to remove meat from their diet.

“I don’t think most people will do that,” he said, noting that to lower meat consumption, alternative meat products were essential options.

This year, the UN warned that the 2015 Paris Climate Accord to lower global warming has not been followed sufficiently.

Gates stated that he “still believes we can avoid a terrible outcome.”

Although studies on the effect that animal agriculture has on greenhouse gas emissions note it contributes to roughly 10-20 percent, most studies list it as a leading contributor to climate change.

In response to a question on global warming, Gates said, “The pace of innovation is really picking up even though we won’t make the current timelines or avoid going over 1.5 (degrees Celsius).”

“The key on climate is making the clean products as cheap as the dirty products in every area of emission — planes, concrete, meat etc. This is the only way we can ask all the countries in the world to change. If it costs a lot extra we won’t succeed,” Gates continued.

“We need support on climate from both parties in the U.S. and in all countries,” he added.

On Jan. 11, Gates tweeted, “I’m live on @Reddit now. Ask me anything:”

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  1. If we did not eat or breath the climate apologist might be happy, but I doubt it. What a bunch of fools. Bill Gates is one of the biggest ones.

  2. Bill Gates you are truly unAmerican‼️
    MYOB WHAT WE EAT, you can eat all the grass you will leave us alone period.. you are a Moron idiot.. climate change fool‼️‼️‼️‼️

  3. Taco Bell contributes 25% of methane gas that is destroying the ozone.
    WILL YA’ BILL ??!??! How about some synthetic refried black beans you damn BAFFOON.

  4. Yeah, it’s going to be as good as the jab was touted to be. Watch for anything coming out of the people who believe in DEPOPULATION.

  5. Also they are using human meat I have heard in a lot of the products called hex293. A lot of fast food has it now I don’t trust Gates for nothing

    Aborted Fetal Tissue In Your Food HEK-293 Kraft, PepsiCo, Nestle Exposed

    Feb 9
    Kraft, PepsiCo, Nestle, work with Senomyx, a California-based company that uses aborted embryonic cells to test fake flavoring chemicals. The aborted human fetal cell line is known as “HEK-293,” and it is used to see how the human palate will react to synthetic flavors. Since most of today’s processed food lacks flavor, companies like Senomyx are hired to develop flavors on their own.

    “What they don’t tell the public is that they are using HEK 293 — human embryonic kidney cells taken from an electively aborted baby to produce those receptors,” said Debi Vinnedge of the pro-life group Children of God for Life. “They could have easily chosen animal, insect, or other morally obtained human cells expressing the G protein for taste receptors.”

  6. I beleive Bill Gates shouldn’t be playing with fake meats or anything else for that matter ! He’s already got his hands into to much stuff that he shouldn’t ! There’s nothing he wants more then to Depopulate this country . Take a Fucken hike ! With your fake meat ….

  7. Coming from the guy that wants to control population. There will always be cows, chickens, pigs, and deer. What will happen to that over population? We’ll eat it, that’s what is was meant for. Stay the F**K out of our lives, stop trying to control us

  8. You may all disagree with this monster, but he owns almost all the farm land in America. So basically, he can make you eat these monstrous concoctions.

  9. Can you get paid in FAKE MONEY⁉️⁉️
    Your New World Order Climate Change BS will NEVER EVER WORK got that ⁉️👎

  10. DML what the Hell 2x in one day censorship ⁉️⁉️
    Gates can get paid in Fake Money & he can stick his new World Order in the Ozone‼️‼️

  11. For someone supposedly so intelligent, it is difficult to believe Bill Gates does not understand the nutritional value of meat for humans. Even God provided the lamb for Passover! He and his foundations are buying up property to control farming and raising cattle. What is he doing with 270,000 acres of property?

  12. Who does this f’n idiot think he is? And most importantly why does he have a stage to run his corrupt devil DEMONcrate mouth. F’n po💩 people like this clown is why this country is in the mess it’s in. Disgusting trashy junkie misfit

  13. How else is the cabal going to get rid of the people they are killing for their adrenochrome? They already found one factory that was hanging human meat in its meat locker.

  14. You fly private planes everywhere you go Gates which to means you’re a fraud when it comes to climate and I won’t eat any kind of fake meat.


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