REPORT: Bill Maher torches San Francisco’s ‘crazy’ reparations plan

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“Real Time” host Bill Maher took a blowtorch towards San Francisco’s “crazy” reparations plan that would give Black residents millions of dollars.

During the panel discussion on Friday night with former presidential candidate Andrew Yang and Rep. Elissa Slotkin, D-Mich., Maher asked if the reparation proposal is going “too far,” saying it’s “quite a lot” to give each Black resident $5 million.

“Even I didn’t go this far,” Yang quipped, alluding to his universal basic income policy he ran on in 2020.

“I mean it seems like, you know, when people ask why are you talking against the woke craziness- because it’s crazy. Isn’t that crazy? And by the way, San Francisco doesn’t have a history of slavery or anything like that, you know. It would cost every citizen left $600,000 each. This is madness, is it not?” Maher said.

Yang called the proposal a “political statement,” saying, “We have a lot of people at various stages of public office who are putting out bills and policies that are more for the messaging and stoking the fires on social media than actually trying to get something passed.”

To know more about California’s reparations proposal, watch the video below:

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  1. To give millions of dollars to black people because their ancestors were slaves is their reasons, BUT the black people today don’t even know or have any emotional bond with anyone who still alive that were slaves. If the black people are talking about no income from their ancestors then they should remember that they could have still been living in Africa with no freedom. Their freedom is all they should get here in this country period.

  2. We need to get a grip! Tensions are rising. There’s a growing number of countries supporting China & we are acting like left wing progressives have the right to destroy this country. We will not be forced to back up to their way of thinking or we’ll be violated for something. Truth be told, they are not right & violate people’s free speech with fear mongering. Reparations are wrong. You cannot tell people that something that took place 180 yrs ago is causing today’s families hardship because of it. It’s a lie! People are doing bad because they choose to stay stuck! There have been programs that cost the taxpayer for years. It was given to helping families live & get educated. Stop looking for reasons to get Votes. Opportunities were given to help reach for potential. What was all that money for if it wasn’t enough? It was humanitarian & everyone knows it. Many would rather sit at home than work 40 hrs. We had nothing to do with slavery! You cannot convince anyone black people are stuck today because of something that happened 180 yrs ago. Those slaves were sold by Africa itself. We have much to be afraid of & if War breaks on this soil, you should worry if you were on fire, would somebody put you out? From all that’s been said & done, you can bet many will turn a blind eye! We’ll regret the mess we created & Joe Biden was the wrong man for the office of President. We are in deep trouble & Gavin Newsome needs to get out of California! He’s doesn’t sound rational at all. He lives is a race bateing land. There is no evidence that black people today suffer because of family members they never knew or met 180 yrs ago.

  3. Reparations for what, being slaves? They have as much in common with slaves as they do an Afghan goat herder. F the victim mentality & do something productive with your lives.


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