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Many black Americans are leaving New York and California to seek decent wages and affordable housing in southern states, according to a Washington Post article that ignores the federal policy of importing foreign people to fill jobs and homes in New York and California.

“There is a noticeable lack of black people in these cities that were once the mecca for black America, for  people fleeing the Jim Crow South,” the Post’s reporter told an interviewer.

The article goes on to state the following:

The Post reported January 14 on the southern migration, which is now reversing the historic “Great Migration” of  black Americans from the South to northern cities during the 1900s:

For the second census in a row, Chicago and its suburbs lost Black population, and has decreased by 130,000 since 1990. In Michigan, both the Detroit and Flint metropolitan areas lost Black population in absolute terms … Metro New York recorded its second consecutive loss in Black population, losing about 110,000 Black residents since 2000. In California, metro Los Angeles has lost 160,000 Black residents since 1990, while metro San Francisco has lost 90,000.

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  1. I just watched actor Nick Searcy’s new documentary on Jan 6th. It’s called Capital Punishment. He was actually there. Excellent . It exposes just how corrupt our government is. Everyone should see it.
    Costs $10.00 to buy online. $25 for on line and dvd.

  2. Black or white or purple polkadotted, people are leaving these northern cities due to the leader ship. Doesn’t matter your skin color no one wants to live under a dictatorship, pay higher taxes, are go on socialized medicine. These people have common sense and want a better life. I think having lived under this type of tyantry Will make people think about who and what they are voting for.

  3. Most people aren’t as STUPID as democrats think they are.
    That’s why they have to cheat at elections to stay in power. Democrats have been manipulating elections for decades, and they have gotten very good at it.

  4. I wanted to add, that if Republicans take the house and Senate. The Patriot Act should be repealed. As it stands now, the government can accuse any citizen of being a terrorist and hold them without due process.

  5. Love it when people wake up to the travesty inflicted Ted by these blue governments. I just pray that they remember why they left in the first place.

  6. Hey trolls, they are STILL DEMONcrates and my take over time guess what, just what you’re seeing in NY and California will happen again. It will happen

    • Yes! You want proof? Look at Colorado. It used to be Republican all the way. A red state through and through. Somewhere in the late 90’s when Californians were starting to flock there, it started to change things. I remember seeing a big sign on I-70 going east/west, (not far from Rifle) saying “Don’t Californicate our Colorado”. Now you have a state that turned blue.

      I fear this for my state of Texas. Some good is that I was from Massachusetts ( a complete shi*hole now) and moved to Texas in 2006 and never looked back. I voted Obama and then I saw what was going on during the Recession. I quickly changed to Republican and my beliefs are strong on the side of hard work, Christian values and independence from government control. So…..I’m hoping those that move here do the same thing. I hope they “woke from the woke”.

  7. Have you ever though thesr people are bot really fleeing their state ir cuty? Maybe they ate running out of ripe victims to pick so they are moving to more lucrative areas to plunder.

  8. They are driving out the ones who work and support themselves and pay taxes. The ones who are sucking on the government tit are not going anyplace, because in those cities they are revered for their poverty. They are SURE Dem votes.

  9. No no no you all stay in the north. Most of the people in the north make fun of southerners mostly the way we speak and live . If you come leave your woke and liberal views behind.

  10. He ry, you are an ignorant human. That’s truly a shitty thing to say. It sounds totally racist, do not know if you meant it that way but passing a judgment on these people that you do not know is wrong on many levels regardless of their color and back ground. Grow up.

    • Funny, I didn’t see one racist comment. “You all” stay in the north….why because she knows of different cultures that may clash? Are YOU not part of the problem here? Everything all racist…..including one’s comment on culture? Yeah…..that’s ignorant as all hell. When I came to Texas, people here were NOT happy I moved from there (Massachusetts) and I had a hard time getting work because of my accent. So the same pile of sh*t goes for both sides. SMH

    • Kelly Smith
      Not one word of what he said was racist.
      He merely stated a fact of truth That is happening all over America Due to the constant hate baiting agendas.
      By the fact you assumed it was racist Tells your age.
      And as it stands Attacks upon whites are being pushed especially in those states And today People your age have been indoctrinated I doubt you even know real History.
      But those of us who are fighting this hate perpetuated by not only people of color But those who are white and the real ones who are causing this
      Racism exists and is perpetuated solely by those who seek to gain dominance Today it is hard not to feel about black people the way they think that we did.
      I am 73 and I saw the schools become segregated I never thought anything about blacks the I felt they were just Americans. But they always feel they are Africans
      No name should be before the word American If you are legal you are just an American
      We are a re sovereign nation

  11. How many were killed during that time frame? Isnt it about time that Blacks get off the democrat plantation? They get used every four yrs n now that Bidens border has exploded, the blacks will matter no more to the democrats. But have ya seen the Latinos coming to the Repubs side….. Very enlightening. C

  12. I pray they are Black people that finally saw the err of their voting ways.
    No matter your color If you go to other states Leave your reckless democratic ideas back there The way you voted there kept your masters in office We don’t want you here in Texas Unless you do ! Austin is ruined by Californians who didn’t leave those behind


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