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Self-described “anti-racist scholar” and author Ibram X. Kendi reportedly grew concerned about white supremacy when he noticed his daughter developed “an attachment” to a white doll, according to a column from the Los Angeles Times.

Kendi is slated to release a new book in mid-June titled “How to Raise an Antiracist,” according to the publisher Penguin Random House. A Los Angeles Times columnist reported that in the book, Kendi claims he began thinking about white supremacy and kids after his one-year-old daughter took a liking to a blonde-haired, blue-eyed doll.

The article goes on to state the following:

“[Kendi] began to think about what it would take to help [his daughter] grow up without the pervasive ‘smog’ of white supremacy surrounding her,” the column reads.

Kendi is deemed the most prominent “anti-racist” activist in the nation.

The author said, “There’s so many white children who are being indoctrinated into racist ideas and then hurting other people, killing other people, when they come of age as adults – just as you have many children of color who are thinking that there’s something wrong with themselves, or are the victims of those who believe in racist ideas.”

Kendi, who gets paid thousands of dollars for in-person and virtual speaking events, suggests that white kids are more susceptible to “racist ideas” and may commit murder in response.

The Daily Caller reached out to Kendi for comment, but he never responded.

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  1. These ( educated) people are ignorant. I’m
    65 years old and still have a doll that my uncle bought me when I was like 7, that is a beautiful black doll dressed in flowered dress with a straw hat , stockings and heels. I even bought my own daughter a black baby doll when she was around 3 . I must say these people are idiots.

  2. Ibram Kendri is appalled his little daughter shows no racism, so plans to indoctrinate her with his form of racism.

  3. Like o said a million times the most Bigoted hateful racist people in the US are the blacks and the coloured people I was born in Africa and the first one he told me go back to my country was a black guy the second one was Mexican ironically they bitch about racism and they are the biggest racist in the US

  4. My daughter had a collection of different colored dolls for the longest time. Her favorite was a doll she named Mary. Mary was a black doll. My daughter liked her because she had pretty hair and came with a purple backpack. Children are so simple and sweet. They certainly aren’t thinking about racism and privilege.

  5. This stupid dumb asshole is so racist because his daughter liked a White doll., she is a little girl and she liked the white doll so let it be and later she might pick a black doll. I personally have a lot of black friends and I am white so why is her father so against white people we are all human people regardless of race. This man is a racist father and he is going to teach her little girl to be a racist person. This man is a terrible creep.

  6. He is racist to the core! And his theory fails. There are more murders committed by blacks than whites!! And a lot of them are black on black! So sell your racist $hit somewhere else!

  7. Ignorant fool and your culture has no problem chasing after white women, marrying them, impregnating as many of them as possible so stop your ignorant pathetic rants. Disgusting racist troll. Culture of dummies


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