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The “Trump-made-me-do-it” defense is already looking like a longshot.

Facing damning evidence in the deadly Capitol siege last month — including social media posts flaunting their actions — rioters are arguing in court they were following then-President Donald Trump’s instructions on Jan. 6. But the legal strategy has already been shot down by at least one judge and experts believe the argument is not likely to get anyone off the hook for the insurrection where five people died, including a police officer.

The article goes on to state the following:

“This purported defense, if recognized, would undermine the rule of law because then, just like a king or a dictator, the president could dictate what’s illegal and what isn’t in this country,” U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell said recently in ordering pretrial detention of William Chrestman, a suspected member of the Kansas City-area chapter of the Proud Boys. “And that is not how we operate here.”

Chrestman’s attorneys argued the notion that Trump told the mob “explicit permission and encouragement” to do what they can and he would provide, “a viable defense against criminal liability.”

Chrestman’s lawyers said, “It is an astounding thing to imagine storming the United States Capitol with sticks and flags and bear spray, arrayed against armed and highly trained law enforcement. Only someone who thought they had an official endorsement would even attempt such a thing. And a Proud Boy who had been paying attention would very much believe he did.”

Since Trump has been acquitted of these charges against him this idea of him instructing the mob to commit violence on Jan. 6 is hard to prove.

Prosecutors have brought fourth a slew of charges against the rioters including conspiracy, assault, civil disorder and obstruction of an official proceeding. Defendants will have a hard time proving these 250 people weren’t there since there are so many videos and pictures captured from that day. Knowing this, they feel putting the blame on Trump is the way to go.

Sam Shamansky, who is representing the man who allegedly took a coat rack said, “What’s the better argument when you’re on videotape prancing around the Capitol with a coat rack in your hand?”

White House Reporter Jonathan Lemire tweeted Saturday, “This purported defense, if recognized, would undermine the rule of law because then, just like a king or a dictator, the president could dictate what’s illegal and what isn’t in this country”

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  1. Pelosi was questioned regarding the rioting.
    Immediately the news had an article how they were looking into how the Capitol police did not do their job.
    So easy to point the finger, isn’t it Pelosi?

  2. we are believing integrity if election and happy to support and i will never surrender to support president Trump..we are not stupid and damn and cowards to turn around snd blames any if i did god created us it’s one of us with individual brain to think what is good and what is bad i guarantee you all this coward turn around and blames Trump their family democrat paying them to blame you don’t it you will die anyway…communist style…

  3. if you don’t do it you will die anyway..Eipstien did not himself ..communist country we are not stupid ..every one get out in communist country to move with freedom country now we lose it

  4. criminals democrat will doing any thing to put Trump and trump supporters into jail or out in this world or burried under 6 feet..damn country ..too many people die and killed all building burn upand vandalized of BLM but that case was ignored

  5. with out Pelosi as Speaker of the all of this nothing i will guarantee you..she Started all the SH!!!t tearing up speech of union documentation it just showed the world she his senile and stay home play her favorite toys makes her children 12 only 6 is not enough she needs 6 more ..

  6. i will let all know ..Old Pelosi “”looks at her Neck you can tell lord punished her””will gives all Americans stimulus check 14 hundred all federal employees more more money but using all of us to Put president trump guilty of insurrections January 6..this is the style of communist country…

  7. It’s a stupid defense. The right defense is to point out that the defendant felt duty-bound to do his best to prevent the overthrow of our government that was being undertaken elsewhere in the building through extra constitutional means — i.e., massive election fraud. The defendant’s commission of a misdemeanor was necessary and incidental to his effort to prevent the commission of a far more serious felony — the usurpation of the presidency and quite possibly the end of constitutional government.


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