REPORT: BLM gave huge sum to Chicago group whose leader calls cops ‘pigs’, worse…

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FIRST ON FOX: The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation donated $200,000 during its 2021 fiscal year to a Chicago-based nonprofit whose executive director repeatedly has called cops “pigs.”

Equity and Transformation (EAT), established in 2018, is a Chicago-based social justice nonprofit founded “by and for post-incarcerated people,” according to its website. Recently released tax forms for the BLM Global Network Foundation reveal that they gave a “cash grant” of $200,000 to EAT during the 2021 fiscal year.

The article goes on to state the following:

The group, which was founded by defund the police activist and community organizer Richard Wallace, who remains the group’s executive director, has organized protests against police and advocates for reparations. However, it primarily focuses on achieving “social and economic equity for Black Workers engaged in the informal economy,” or African Americans who work jobs “not regulated or protected by the state,” which appears to include criminal activity.

“If these pigs ass cops only knew they was working class too.. #SMH,” Wallace tweeted in March 2015.

In April 2015, he wrote on Twitter, “F**k the Police! #justsayingthanks.”

“We be providing the analysis for the analysis of the analysis. opposed to just saying what it is. They are hunting us and will use any excuse to up a pole and end our life. That we is why we have to defund these bastards, And take control of our community cause the won’t save us,” Wallace tweeted in October 2020.

On June 3, 2020, Wallace posted a string of smiling emojis while sharing a news report of a Minneapolis police precinct being burned by Black Lives Matter protesters.

More recently, in a tirade of Twitter posts, Wallace called for reparations:

I swear they want us to demand everything except reparations. They invest millions in Non Profits to amplify every demand except reparations.

When reparations actually includes everything else; Satisfaction, Restitution, Rehabilitation, Compensation, & Guarantees of Non Repetition.

Reparations, incorporates education. The Germans incorporated education in their commitment reparations for the Holocaust.Teaching the subject of the Holocaust and the Nazi era is mandatory in German schools.

Teaching every student the truth is a great way to combat White Nationalism and create conditions of belonging for Black People in the US.

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  1. Pathetic culture, full of ignorance and zero accountability. Always looking to blame someone else for THEIR failings. Without the platinum race card or violence what are you doing to fix YOUR problems? Insecurity and a chip on your shoulder is a good starting point.

  2. Imagine a group named WHITE Lives Matter! A group named Black Lives Matter should be illegal. It’s too divisive. The people in it are full of hatred toward white people and America in general.

  3. They did say they wanted to change America they sure did. That’s why they call them progressives . I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet we have 2 more years of this 😫2024 vote to save 🇺🇸

  4. This is why murder drugs sex trafficking deception car jacking is so prevalent in these states darkness and death it will not change until the leader ship changes and Jesus take the wheel


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