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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by Breitbart:

Harry Potter event was canceled at an upcoming book festival in New Zealand over headline-making comments the best selling author J.K. Rowling made, in which she said only women can menstruate.

Organizers of the Featherston Booktown Karukatea festival in New Zealand, which will be held on May 6-9 have canceled an interactive Harry Potter quiz — which had been very popular at past events — according to a report by Stuff.

The article goes on to state the following:

Rowling has faced backlash by transgender activists for saying only women can menstruate. The author has also been labeled a “TERF” (trans exclusionary radical feminist) — a term referring to feminists who are considered too “radical” for even left-wing activists, as they do not believe that a biological man is a woman.

Festival board chairman Peter Biggs explained the decision to cancel the Harry Potter quiz, saying, “The overwhelming response was there was a risk around causing distress to particular members of the community and that was the last thing we wanted to do. We always thought Booktown should be an inclusive, welcoming place for everyone, so we took the decision not to go with Harry Potter.”

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  1. Canceling over the most insane thing!
    People need to focus their energy on helping others and not canceling others.

  2. Hopefully no one or very few show up to the event and show the operators just how stupid they’re reasoning is.

    • Yep, and it’s gonna happen more and more as [they] get crazier. [They] must sit up at night scanning all the news and decide what they are going to “get” next…then [they] POUNCE!

  3. No words except only females can menstruate. I wish men could but they can’t. This world has become so full of evil, God help us! Pray people pray!

  4. Inclusive and welcoming.
    Except to those they aren’t.
    Like sane rational people who refuse to even pretend they’ve drunk the Kool Aid that makes the most profane perverted and ridiculous factual. Faux News. Faux Reality. Faux Science. Faux Justice. Faux Gov of the people. None are so deaf dumb and blind as the Faux Woke. The blatant stupidity of t h e go with flow era is appalling and shameful yet they aren’t the least contrite. Antifa. BLM…traitors at war. Enimies of the people and America. Indoctrinated children run amok. These are the days of which we’ve been warned. Pray pray pray.

  5. So very many of these people are totally reprobate. They’ve totally rejected God; and are trying to BE God, which is impossible. They know He’s real, but they hate Him, and refuse to live by His laws. I keep praying for God to soften their hearts to Himself, but they refuse. They don’t realize that one day they will have to bow down before Him, but then it will be too late for them to be allowed to enjoy all the blessings, beauty, and joy they could have had with Him. Their eternal destiny will be the lake of fire, with satan and the demons that they allowed to delude them. But we must keep praying for them, and our beloved country 🇺🇸.


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