REPORT: Boxing legend sued for $5M for allegedly raping woman

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A woman is suing boxing legend Mike Tyson, accusing him of violently raping her inside a limo after the two met at a popular Albany nightclub in the early 1990s.

The anonymous plaintiff, who is seeking $5 million in damages, alleges in her complaint filed in Albany this month that she has suffered from “physical, psychological, and emotional injury” over the years as a result of the rape.

The woman’s affidavit, which The Post obtained, does not provide an exact date for the alleged attack but says only that it happened sometime in the early 1990s — around the same time that 18-year-old beauty pageant contestant Desiree Washington said the former heavyweight champion raped her in Indianapolis.

Tyson previously served 3 years in prison for raping a woman in Washington in 1992. He has maintained his innocence in that case.

The accuser filed the lawsuit in New York under the state’s Adult Survivors Act, that allows sexual assault victims to file lawsuits on attacks that happened years or even decades before, so long as the suits are filed withing a designated on-year timeframe.

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  1. Of course this would come out now, Tyson is making money of his CBD and cannabis products….guess she was unable to file any sooner, you know when he was making millions for his boxing matches. Got to love statue of limitations when it comes to certain things. Probably just another woman looking for a pay day, but if it did happen I never understood why the victims wait so long.

  2. 30 years ago……and no statute of limitations for an alleged rape? She suffered all this “emotional torment” for 30 years yet never raised a whimper and cannot specify the date.

    New York laws are fu*king insane.

  3. This is so disgusting. She is lying. Just like those 21 women lying who accused our Great MAGA Trump of sexual assault.
    . Trump Derangement
    Syndrome is an infliction upon a people who volunteer in a cult where they blindly obey the commands of a charlatan who uses members for personal gain.

    • But if I routinely slam people you do not like you would have no qualms about it
      Welp, I see you didn’t dispute the lying-21. Coming from a trumpster diver, it must be true.
      Trump Derangement Syndrome is the result of the failed American education system which will end with trumpster divers carrying out the results of the Milgram Experiment for their MAGA cult leader

  4. Seems this should have been filed 25 years or so ago. There definitely needs an enforced statute of limitation on these liars. They come out of the woodwork. Even if it did happen in the 1990s it should have been reported at that time not 30 years later. Never cared for Tyson personally but certainly he shouldn’t be charged now. And I would not be surprised if he did but a pity women can make up lies and press charges.

    • My hot pyroclastic truths getting to you yet another time?
      Hang in, the fire is only just started.
      Trump Derangement Syndrome is an extreme far-right fascist Nazi philosophy governed by supporters whose top MAGA leader advocates ANTIFA-like tactics with insurrection rioting, deposing government and replacing it with his own idealized version, his supporters advocate killing opponents if necessary-even those of us in their own party such as Kohn on DML, canceling those MAGA and supporters oppose, and jailing those he doesn’t like such as Assange, Snowden, and journalists

        • Trump is too high browed to wipe his own ass. It is what he uses trumpster divers for..
          . Trump Derangement Syndrome is a socially engineered disease spread among misinformed, but well-intentioned individuals who formed a group led by a master manipulator who uses the gullible to satisfy his social climbing narcissism


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