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A British father who travelled to Ukraine to ‘join the resistance’ against Russia has fled back to the UK.

Ben Spann, 36, returned to the UK after becoming worried he had joined a ‘suicide mission’ after he got ‘some real grief’ from his wife and son, 16, for travelling to the war zone.

The article goes on to state the following:

Spann, from Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, went to Ukraine because he ‘thought it was the right thing to do’ despite having no military experience or connections to the country.

Spann had told his family he was going to help the Ukrainian refugees in Poland, but instead he crossed the border into Ukraine in order to volunteer to join the fight against Russia.

Spann told Sky News that after spending five days in a safe house in western Ukraine with four other former British soldiers, he decided to return back home to the UK.  He said he feels badly for leaving the older soldiers, because ‘I feel like I let them down a little bit’.

However, Spann suggested that ‘non-military people’ should not to travel to Ukraine because they ‘can be more of a burden’.

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  1. Guess it wasn’t as fun as he thought it would be. Sonny, War ain’t fun ever. This isn’t a video game.


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