REPORT: Burger King ordered to pay customer $8M after bad experience

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A Florida court has ordered a Burger King franchise to pay nearly $8 million to a customer who allegedly slipped and injured his back at the restaurant.

Richard Tulecki, 48, suffered “serious injuries” in 2019 after he slipped on a “wet foreign substance” and fell inside the bathroom at a Burger King in Hollywood, Florida, court documents show. Those injuries required surgery, which left Tulecki with a post-operative perforated colon, Ginnis & Krathen, the law firm that represents Tulecki, said in a statement.

A jury sided with Tulecki earlier this month, awarding him $7.81 million in damages, including $3.35 million for lost earnings and $700,000 for medical expenses. The court later reduced the amount to $7.68 million to account for medical expenses Tulecki’s insurance had already covered.

The money will help pay Tulecki’s medical bills, his attorneys say.

Tulecki alleged he suffered from the incident both financially and emotionally, as he was unable to continue working.

Working was “a major part of his identity,” his attorney declared.

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