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Businesses that only accept cashless forms of payment are facing thousands of dollars in fines from the city of New York for not accepting the legal tender.

Numerous retailers have been fined thousands of dollars since the New York City Council passed the cashless ban in January 2020, including upscale ice cream store Van Leeuwen, which was fined over $12,000 as of Monday and has refused to enable customers to pay by cash. Twenty-three other businesses have also been fined.

The article goes on to state the following:

Supporters of the ban say only allowing customers to pay without hard cash is discriminatory against poor people, who may not have bank accounts or credit cards, as well as minors.

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  1. Cash is legal tender. F.U. city council. You bastards should be pushed over a cliff. There wouldn’t be a single body part good enough to recycle. Ask planned parenthood or murderhood. Even they are particular about body parts.

  2. Wow! Next they will have to take foreign currency How is it a person can go to a overpriced ice cream store, but can’t buy a pre paid credit card?

    Maybe the stores don’t want to take cash because who is going to steal or rob for credit card transactions???

  3. If they lived in New York I would leave. It’s seems as though New York is the trial run for socialism. The socialist communist are using every tactic with these folks that are going to be imposed on us. Socialist communist do not want people using cash because they cannot keep up with how much money they have in their account. All monies need to be in a bank so as when peoples funds are confiscated

  4. Hey the little guy with cash would like to try your over priced ice cream. To bad I dont think you will make it for long this way lol NY is over priced Shithole anyway. Good old Bluebell for me.

  5. The world is moving towards a cashless society and we are going backwards. I know most banks don’t charge fees for lower balances. This is a good way to manage one’s finances.


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