REPORT: Canada’s euthanasia free-for-all gets WILD

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Canada is under fire once again as host of the world’s most permissive assisted suicide program, where millions of people now say the homeless and poor should be eligible for state-sanctioned deaths.

A survey released this month found that more than a quarter of Canadians say being impoverished or unhoused is a good enough reason for a doctor to inject somebody with a deadly cocktail of drugs.

Even larger numbers of respondents said assisted suicide — or Medical Aid in Dying (MAID), as it is known — should be available to those with disabilities, mental illnesses or who cannot receive medical treatment.

“One third of Canadians are fine with prescribing assisted suicide for homelessness. Shameful,” Lord David Alton tweeted on Wednesday.

“Homeless people need a roof over their heads, not a lethal injection. End homelessness, not the lives of the homeless.”

After euthanasia procedures were legalized in 2016, many have turned to the option. Over 10,000 citizens “end their lives under the scheme each year,” the Mail reports.

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  1. Is that any different different then what the dems agenda allows in the US for years. The homeless have been publicly using drugs (slowly killing themselves) leaving used needles everywhere and crapping in the streets and the liberatards sit back and watch.


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