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Candace Owens, conservative commentator and co-founder of BLEXIT, took to Twitter Saturday to condemn a bill under consideration in California’s legislature that would ban “boy” and “girl” signage in large retail stores.

“California has proposed a bill to ban boys and girls sections in toy and clothing stores to create a ‘safe space’ for children,” Owens tweeted Saturday. “They want to fine retailers 1,000$ for using the words ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ I cannot put into words how positively despicable Democrat politicians are.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Owens’ comments are in response to a bill introduced by California Assembly members Evan Low and Cristina Garcia earlier this month that would require retail stores with at least 500 employees to “maintain undivided areas of its sales floor” in an attempt to create a “safe space” for children.

Target and some other retailers have already started changing the signs in their stores.

Low said in a comment to the Sacramento Bee, “As much as I’d like to think of this as watershed legislation, this is something the industry is already doing. We’re just trying to play catch-up.”

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  1. You people are so f-ing stupid, its bad enough that the girls/women sections of store are already twice as large as the mens/boys sections, now you want to eliminate the boys section altogether….you would be real happy if all the boys run around in pink shirts and dresses

  2. Do these people even realize how procreation happens?! You can’t eliminate Biology just because there are exceptions to the rule!!

  3. All males castrated at birth. Penises removed. Now we just need one rest room. No urinals required. This makes as much sense as the rest of the stupid, stupid ideas the democrats come up with. I shouldn’t have written this They will probably take it to heart.

    • Hey there are many many conservatives in California,so don’t knock us all ,because most are Republicans. Just because we have some stupid people making these nutty things up. Most people I know are not like that ,they are good hard working people ,moral ,God fearing.

  4. Pretty soon they will either surgicall remove parts at birth or find ways to clone everyone to be the same neither boy or girl. How did we go from Trump into idiot world. I feel I’m living in a science fiction book

  5. I am wondering if the Democrats are brain dead or if they are just got the devil in them one or the other they need to go

  6. This is not what we pay California Legislators to do with their time in office. DO SOMETHING FOR THE POOR SOB’s PAYING YOUR SALARIES.

  7. They keep touting follow the science. Well biology is science. And biology says there’s boys and there’s girls. There’s not it’s, them’s, they, he/she’s, binRy, non-binary, guess what sex I am today
    It’s ridiculous! They need to listen to their words. If they say, “follow the science,” then dammit, follow the science. Look down your britches and see what you got, and that tells you what you are, boy or girl. God doesn’t make mistakes.


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