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The Supreme Court may have blocked the Biden administration’s attempt to ensure that business with 100 or more employee require COVID-19 vaccines or frequent testing, but apparel giant Carhartt is moving ahead with its own vaccine plan.

Carhartt CEO Mark Valade sent an email to employees stating that the Dearborn, Mich.–based workwear company founded in 1889 will require workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Workers have to be vaccinated by Feb. 15.

The article goes on to state the following:

Carhartt verified the contents of the email to MarketWatch. It was sent to employees last Friday, but the message was being shared widely across Twitter on Tuesday.

“We, and the medical community, continue to believe vaccines are necessary to ensure a safe working environment for every associate and even perhaps their households,” the email read. “While we appreciate that there may be differing views, workplace safety is an area where we and the union that represents our associates cannot compromise. An unvaccinated workforce is both a people and business risk that our company is unwilling to take.”

Customers quickly reacted to the announcement, with some praising the company and vowing to spend more on their products, while others condemned the move and vowed to boycott the company.

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  1. Mandatory for a vaccine that is proven not to work? Makes perfect sense. Not!! What about natural immunity. Enjoy your sales decrease.

  2. Carhartt you just cut your own throat
    Are you so stupid not to know the majority of people don’t buy in to this BS
    Vacs don’t work

  3. Are companies now getting a kickback for getting vaxxed, if we all don’t stand up now, what will the next mandate be, and if we don’t all stand up they’re coming for the guns and will use this compliance as a firm ground to make their case

  4. It’s much bigger they are now in bed with government yo kill off smaller business it’s about complying with the great reset that’s not so great it’s all about control! Fu*k Carhartt and their CEO has his head up big governments ass! Go read about how big companies corps are complying you know these WOKE assholes, otherwise they will be downgraded by banks, they must follow in step being controlled by big government! I’m tossing anything I own out and never ever will they get another dollar! They clothes are overrated anyway, they use cheap dyes and everything fades! Most likely made in China I never look at the ragtag! But they certainly aren’t representing a majority of their customers! I hope they have a huge walk-out that their employees don’t comply!

  5. Meanwhile the CDC announced yesterday that unvaccinated people outperformed vaccinated people in a recent study. Curious what science they are referring to?

  6. They have lost there Blue Collar Base..welders,Ranchers,Farmers,Truckers,mechanics, Hunters,the kids line of there clothing.. the Grease and wheels that keep this country moving see threw this tyranny.

  7. More likely than not most of their clothing made in China, I know they have gotten a lot cheaper in their quality but not in the price….
    Won’t be buying anymore of their products.

  8. Another one to strike from my list and hopefully others will no longer support a woke company led by a real troll clown, absolutely pathetic

  9. And WHO will accept responsibility when any of their people are killed by clots or crippled by neurological or cardia damage by the ‘vaccine’? The Feds have already excused the pharma companies. I think it takes a lot of BALLS to tell a person that they HAVE to inject any experimental, ineffective and dangerous substance into their bodies and for absolutely no reason.

    • I agree. I see lawsuits! Lots of lawsuits! I would never want a company to fold, but with this move I hope this company does fold.

    • Saint Vincent
      All designer clothes are as well For years those like Gucci screamed about black market labor While making everything They sold expensive made by cheap labor junk Carhartt is made in China as well

  10. This household will never buy another item from them. We have many, won’t even donate, will burn. To hell with these woke companies that are killing more with vaccines then what the virus would have.

  11. Why is it so damn hard to acknowledge natural immunity!?! Why??? also- when you’ve had Covid- that can’t even inform you which strain!!!!!!!! I understand that they sent it out but why can’t they send you a notification??? The whole government system unimaginably inept!!!!

  12. Being it’s based in Dearborn Michigan It tells me his entire work for is Muslim. They ran out over 98% of the American owned companies years ago.
    There’s another fool who will go under
    I no longer will buy anything his company makes.
    I guess it’s Americans or better yet Muslims jobs that will be lost Or does he employ illegals Either way you just put a target on your company. And the Americans you intend to kill Well they are the ones who will kill your business

  13. I purchased my last Carthart product. I am sick of this whole Covid LIE. It is proven natural immunity from the Virus is stronger than the shot can possibly ever give. Wake up people the shots don’t work. I had Covid 19 two years ago almost to the day. I have been exposed by many people since that time. I have not had a reinfection of Covid. I always use hand sanitizer during my shopping excursions and I don’t wear a mask I just practice sensible precautions. I don’t stick my fingers in my mouth or nose. I’m not a young person by any means.

  14. Love my Carhartt but bought my last jacket from them, too bad but I’ll spend my money on patriot run companies not those who bow down to the socialist agenda.

  15. There are still a few companies that make quality clothing/footware here in the US. Roundhouse jeans in OK, Filson in Wa. Filson has been around almost as long as Levi. I am sure there are others.
    Washington also has at least 4 or 5 all American boot makers. The clothing/boots are not cheap, but are made to last. Loggers and firefighters are their biggest clients

  16. Buy Duluth Trading Co. better clothes by far., I do have Carhartt but now mine all have the circle w/ slash thanks to my RED Sharpie through their logo, this shows my stance.


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