REPORT: Cernovich: DeSantis Should Not ‘Even Bother Running’ if Trump Is Arrested

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Author and filmmaker Mike Cernovich said on Monday’s edition of the Breitbart News Daily podcast that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) should not run for the presidency in 2024 if former President Donald Trump is arrested, predicting that such an event would lead to a Democrat “blowout” victory.

Marlow said the left wants Trump to be the Republican presidential nominee for 2024, and intends to use an arrest of the former president as a catalyst to ensure Trump’s victory in the GOP race for the party’s presidential nomination.

“My take is it makes it more likely [Trump] will win a primary and less likely he will win a general,” Marlow assessed of a possible future arrest of Trump. “I think that’s been how the left has played this ever since he left office, to basically assure that Trump will be the nominee, and then assure that he will lose a general, because if Trump is the nominee then that gets all the anti-Trump vote out, and so then they don’t even have to worry about a pro-Biden vote or whatever, because Trump’s the nominee. That always feels like that’s been the tactic for me. It seems like that’s what’s playing out.”

Cernovich responded, “Yeah, I agree with you 100 percent. Trump wins the primary in such a landslide, so I would hope DeSantis, who I’m quite fond of, wouldn’t even bother running, because all he’s going to do is get a bloody nose over nothing.”

“Trump will win the primary, and then the other Democrats are going to come out to vote. If they see Trump as getting scalped, they’re going to love it — steady blood loss — and there will be a get-out-the-vote effort for the Democrats like you haven’t seen,” he said.

Cernovich tweeted Monday, “DeSantis, America’s greatest governor, believes using selective prosecution against Republican candidates is a ‘sideshow.’ He greatly misunderstandings the threats to this country arising from Soros DA’s. Democrats want to put conservatives in gulags. There is no bigger issue.”

“DeSantis is being told to ‘moderate his tone,’ to appeal to supposed ‘moderate voters.’ When in reality, Trump should have won 2020 EASILY. Multiple unforced errors cost him the election. 2015 showed what matters. Are DeSantis people not reading @ScottAdamsSays?”

“DeSantis had his only chance to truly ‘big time’ Trump, a helpless Floridian who needed his help. Once in an election cycle opportunity. In 2015, every Republican ignored social status / dynamics, and that’s why Trump won. DeSantis is running like it’s 2015 again.”

“I wish Governor DeSantis well. His catastrophic miscalculation today, while disappointing to me, makes it easier for me to remain objective. Just like I predicted Trump’s rise in 2015, got investigated by Mueller for breaking stories critical of the NSC, I’ll keep doing my thing.”

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