REPORT: Certain residents to see 64% increase in electric bills this winter

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Massachusetts residents can expect to see 64% increases in electricity prices as the local power company announced rates set to begin on Nov. 1.

National Grid, which provides electricity and gas to Massachusetts, announced Wednesday that the average consumer using 600 kWh of electricity would pay $293 this winter, compared to $179 last winter.

Helen Burt, chief customer officer for National Grid, said the higher prices were due to a “sustained high market price environment” that was beyond the company’s control.

Burt continued, “National Grid buys electricity on behalf of its customers from the wholesale power market through a regulatory approved process established 20 years ago. That process has served customers well over the years and provides flexibility for unforeseen events, like limited supplier response to solicitations. But things have fundamentally changed. Today, under a sustained, high market price environment, it is challenging to maintain affordable prices.”

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey tweeted Wednesday, “Electric rates are higher than we’ve ever seen them. People are struggling to make ends meet & this is going to make the colder months tough. We’re doing everything we can to get residents relief and we need long term solutions so consumers never see rates like these again.”

Secretary Jennifer Granholm tweeted, “As someone who has experienced her fair share of cold Michigan winters, I take energy reliability and costs very seriously—especially when the loss of heat can be deadly.”

New England Power Generators Association responded to Granholm writing, “We appreciate the concerted focus on reliability in New England this winter. With awkward jurisdictional boundaries this type of federal/state coordination is critical to match electricity market and gas industry solutions. NEPGA participated in a recent @FERC forum focused on exactly these issues. These issues and concerns have been long standing and can be dealt with. Market reforms like capacity accreditation, enhanced reserves, and others will help get us there.”

Reporter Matthew Zeitlin tweeted, “How New England became America’s Europe and risks a cold, dark winter. About half of New England’s electricity (and more than half of its generation) comes from natural gas. But New England has no indigenous supply of natural gas, instead it imports gas from a pipeline network that runs to Canada and the Gulf Coast.”

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  1. This is all because of the energy restraints this administration is purposely doing to promote a false climate agenda. It’s all part of their fear propaganda to make you more poor and hungry so you are reliant upon the govt and elites. Destroying capitalism to create a totalitarian system. You are currently in the process of becoming enslaved. This doesn’t happen in weeks/months, it takes years. Wake up America! Get out and vote in November! Your life, and childrens, grandchildrens lives depend on it.

    • Gee. Thanks John. We’re not all Massholes. Where are you from? Can’t wait to shit on you when your state finds a reason to bite you in the ass too.

    • Haven’t you learned yet that these people are selected not elected? I’m from MA which has very conservative areas. But we’ll never outvote Boston and Cambridge. Oh and The Vineyard and Nanfucket.

  2. Same here in New York Central Hudson increased rates again and said 64% increase in the winter, plus they want to recover the pandemic non’psyers arrears from paying customers..


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