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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot declared racism a public health emergency Thursday, pointing to systematic racism as a leading factor in life expectancy discrepancies across the city.

Joined by the Chicago Department of Public Health, Lightfoot said there is a 9.2-year life expectancy gap between Black and non-Black Chicagoans.

The article goes on to state the following:

“At almost every single point in our city’s history, racism has taken a devastating toll on the health and well-being of our residents of color – especially those who are Black,” Lightfoot said in a statement. “Without formally acknowledging this detrimental impact, we will never be able to move forward as a city and fully provide our communities with the resources they need to live happy and healthy lives.”

The report said the Chicago public health department is using nearly $10 million in coronavirus relief funds to establish six Healthy Chicago Equity Zones across the city.

Lightfoot said the city will focus on the impacts of policies like Jim Crow restrictions, redlining, and “other forms of financial and housing segregation and discrimination.”

Lightfoot released a document titled, “The State of Health for Blacks in Chicago.” The document declares:

To address the historical and present forms of racism, systematic
exclusion, and sources of toxic stress that prevent Black Chicagoans
from achieving health equity, we are calling “the village” to
action. Members and allies of the Black community—public health
professionals, health care providers, community advocates, policy
makers, business owners, artists, students, and community residents
—must join forces to address and eliminate these critical health
inequities and their underlying causes. Only then, will the color of
the person’s skin no longer determine how long they live or their
quality of life.

“The State of Health for Blacks in Chicago is a stark reminder of the legacy of unacceptable inequities that continue to plague our city and country to this day,” Lightfoot declared in a Twitter post.

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  1. … well it IS a dem run city so I would expect that her election was likely not above board.
    In addition, if she blatantly rerouted 10Mil in corona funds to a pet project, I would bet that a good percentage of that money is in the process of, or already has, been skimmed.

  2. I’ve received several “woke” indoctrination classes at work and school over the years. My instinct has always been to attend these classes if mandatory, but to then in response I’ve simply zoned out and let my eyes glaze over.

  3. I wonder if all the blacks murdering blacks and all the drug overdoses has anything to do with blacks having an earlier average death age. Something to ponder! Maybe the only crisis is the inability to survive ghetto life.

  4. Is she taking in account of blacks gunning down blacks in her life span percentages…..didn’t think so…..such a piss poor mayor

  5. I’m from Chicago, and I wasn’t a fan of Rahm Emanuel, or Richard Daley, but either of them would be better than Beetlejuice Lightfoot!

  6. Geez isn’t Chicago mostly back? Go figure!! They are shooting each other, what do you expect. Can’t blame that on others!

  7. Seriously, you people voted for her ? What, was she wearing a mask while she was campaigning or what ? C’mon man, seriously ????

  8. There are diseases that cause life to be shorter in African Americans. 1. Diabetes. 2. High blood pressure. 3. Heart disease. This is science. Not being racist.

  9. She left an important factor out of her list: abortion (targeted killing of black babies by Planned Parenthood). But that wouldn’t support her leftist worldview.

    • PP and black on black crime, mostly gangbangers. Maybe she should look at the stats and see almost 0 whites killing blacks

  10. All the “normal” US citizens should seek asylum in Florida or even here in Australia to escape the lunatic US States that are turning to shit

    What a disgrace


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