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His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s baby formula shortage is so dire that even far-left CNN has been forced to report on the tragic fallout.

Of course, CNN buried the real news in its own piece. Biden’s baby formula crisis is so bad that at least two children have been forced to undergo surgery.

The article goes on to state the following:

On Wednesday, Breitbart News reported on two babies in Tennessee hospitalized over Joe Biden’s failure to provide America’s children with adequate baby formula. Now CNN tells the story of another child. Her name is Alexis Tyler. She’s three years old, and her desperate mother has not been able to find her formula since March.

“Desperate families turn to hospitals when their hunt for formula comes up dry,” CNN declared in a headline.

The outlet, described by Nolte as “a left-wing propaganda outlet that spreads conspiracy theories and political violence,” reported:

“In the next few days, doctors will start the process of admitting Alexis to the hospital to surgically implant a tube into her stomach so her parents can feed her something else.”

Nolte alleges that CNN “downplays this crisis” in an attempt to “protect Democrats” in the report.

“The problem doesn’t seem to be common,” CNN reported. “According to interviews with children’s hospitals around the nation, most infants and children—even those on specialty formulas—have been able to work with nutritionists to find acceptable substitutes.”


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    • They TOOK food out of the mouths of American babies and gave it to illegals and Ukranians. They *knew* there was a shortage, they *knew* this was going to happen and they hoarded supplies. NOW Can we impeach?!

  1. The people that continue to hurt all the innocent babies and children will answer one day. They have a lifetime ahead of them to make amends then they stand before the Lord. That’s when they will be truly sorry and I hope they have to pay for what they have done to these precious Angels .

    • Sometimes children with special needs have g-tubes (tube through their belly) that they are fed through because they can’t eat orally and formula is what doctors use to feed them.

    • I’m sure that child is a special needs patient that, for whatever reason, cannot meet their nutritional needs by taking food orally.

  2. Formual for a 3 year old? Infancy to 1 year is why the formula is no necessary. Get pur formual back from the boarder and back on the shelves for Americans! Damned Demoncrats!

  3. My mom fed me & my 4 siblings Carnation evaporated milk. So there are alternatives. Parents need to communicate with their doctors to see what can be done.

  4. Wait, 3 yrs or 3 months? A 3 yr old should not be in formula …( unless there something medically wrong)
    And parents need to start using common sense, raw goat milk ( if your state allows the sale of it, thanks to the government regulations ) or there have been a ton of recipes shared in social media . The boomers did not have formula , they did not die. Common sense folks , please

  5. I guess when Biden says he is pro-choice it means he’ll choose who lives and who dies. No real Catholic would allow this to happen.

  6. They scared they won’t be s as blue to kill them in the womb so they will find another way …… these ass hats are so demonic it’s totally sickening !


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