REPORT: China’s Greatest Weapon: TikTok Pushes Suicide Videos on 13-Year-Olds

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The Chinese app’s recommendation algorithm is so advanced that within ten minutes, it will start pushing suicide videos if the young TikTok user suggests he is sexually frustrated, according to research published Tuesday by corporate accountability group Ekō and shared with VICE News.

The researchers set up nine different new TikTok accounts, and listed their age as 13 — the youngest age users can join the platform — then they mimicked who they referred to as “incels” or “involuntary celibates,” which is an online community of “young men who formed a bond around their lack of sexual success with women,” according to VICE News.

Minutes later, the researchers found that after viewing just ten videos having to do with “incel”-related topics, the TikTok accounts’ “For You” pages were all filled with similar content.

One of the test accounts was shown a video from Jake Gyllenhaal’s film that people claim is popular among the “incel community.” In the video, the actor was seen with a rifle in his mouth saying, “Shoot me. Shoot me in the fucking face.”

The short video also included the message, which read, “Get shot or see her with someone else?”

To make matters worse, majority of the users were in support of the suggested suicide. Some users expressed their loneliness, with many saying they felt “dead inside.”

It went as far as one user suggesting his own suicide within the next few hours.

TikTok has replaced Instagram and Facebook as the go-to social media platform for teenagers across the country. It is known for pushing addictive and harmful content to children of all ages, as well as young adults which in some cases has resulted in injury and even death.

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  1. The intentional destruction of US society is being pushed from so many angles that it’s impossible to know them all. Yet so many are still wearing masks because they believe the biggest threat to them is covid. It’s obvious who these low IQ masked people are: liberal democrats who are glued to CNN and every word that Fauci says. Must be nice to be so obvious to what’s truly going on.

  2. Until we get the scum of the earth out of the White House. Obama and his dummy, Biden. We will have these relentless attacks on America. We have been asleep since senior Bush up till now. Most of us a awake to what’s been go on. But those who choose to be woke to the ideology of the socialist communist, are a lost cause. They will never change.

    • You’re correct about the “ woke” .They have been so thoroughly brainwashed and demoralized it is permanent mental derangement. It cannot be reversed .

  3. Nikita Khrushchev, in the early 1960’s, stated the US would disintegrate from within. It’s here, due in great part to a general dumbing down of the populace through addiction to social media platforms. Instead of reading, jump on a board and let it think for you. Follow some idiotic social media “personality” with the IQ of an cucumber. Delete these platforms yourself, prohibit your kids from reading them and educate yourselves through reading.


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