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CNN anchor Chris Cuomo said gun laws and police reform will happen when “white people’s kids start getting killed.”

The host of “Cuomo Prime Time,” who just last month claimed on-air to be “black on the inside,” claims to have the answer on gun and police reform.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Shootings, gun laws, access to weapons. Oh, I know when they’ll change,” said the anchor. “[When] your kids start getting killed. White people’s kids start getting killed.”

Cuomo makes the remark after the 8:30-minute mark in the video below:

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  1. Chris Comatose doesn’t get it, but then he is totally ignorant. Chrissie, tell us how many white children are members of M-13 gangs and the like? What are the true percentages of juvenile white crime versus non-white? What cities doe many of these crimes occur, and are they in Blue or Red stats or cities? All you are doing Chrissie is fueling flames of racism. When Trump was in office there were very few of these “breaking news” stories about police being shot, molotov cocktail attacked, spit on, harassed, bullied, and arrested. No that the Biden/Soros minions are in charge America is turning into a cess pool.

  2. White kids are dying. There is plenty of white on white and black on white crime. It’s just that the media is only interested in the white on black crime. Has to fit their narrative. Chris Cuomo is a sack of shit.

  3. Attention Chris Cuomo…

    How about Kate Steinle? She was white and killed in 2015! She was somebody’s daughter!

    What about Mollie Tibbetts? She was white and killed in 2018! She was somebody’s daughter.

    If they couldn’t get guns off the street after a member of congress, Gabby Giffords, was shot in the head in 2011, it wasn’t going to happen. Steve Scalise was shot too.

    Too many back door dealings behind closed doors.

    There are thousands of white kids that have been shot and killed. Maybe the news reporters might want to do their job and REPORT the news. Stop sensationalizing for ratings and do your job for once.

    Stop bringing race as the subject for ratings. You are only showing your ignorance.

  4. Cuomo. Maybe they should come to your house. What a stupid statement. You think “white” kids do not get killed. That kinda of talk helps nothing

  5. Action need taken against him for sure. White ppl are not the problem but the problem ppl are making it the white ppls problem

  6. Enough of this Anti America Jerk and his corrupt slimeball murderous brother! Take Lemmon with you! Who in the heck pushed all the S&G socialist takeover b.s. into overdrive asshat?
    LBJ, Clintons, Obamanations, Peeosi and her Schmuck and Shi*t show, the ever ungrateful Snarky Squad from Hell and OBiden and the up from the casting couch Giggling Ghost for a VP. thats who. Plus the RINOS and NS Dems who have completely sold their souls to Satan and team Soros and flagrantly call the shots for their deployments of Antifa and BLMs useful idiots.
    You know when some of the poor little black kids will stop being slaughtered CC? When the majority of the black communities get real and stop hiding the FACT that BLACK ON BLACK crime is worse than ever leaving cop on black deaths in the dust. Black on Asian crime not new either just ignored until it can be taken advantage of. Sick to death of these privledged whiny ass black “victims”. As a widowed white Mom of 4 I got absolute scrap while in line behind their blessed affirmative action butts.. 7 years, yes 7 before I got a call, the ONLY call for housing assistance. But no regrets but one. I regret all the time working 4 jobs 7 days a week and going to school to whittle it down to 2 while I paid for a sitter when they weren’t in school or visiting grandparents. I missed so much. Didn’t get to sit home on my welfare privledged butt weaving my hair and jive bitchin all day. Yea I’m overdone with all the victIm this woke that PCBS! I REALLY just want to knock some heads and kick some ass but I’m of the Right of the times so I’ll hit my knees again tonight and thank my Lord for the strength to let calmer heads prevail.
    Forgive my venting. I’m needing an extreme vaca from the New Socialist Coupers and their pets Antifa and BLM, the undemocratic lockdown plandemic farce, the absolute b.s. that is masking and the mass insanity of the mass invasion of my country by hundreds of thousands of infectious foreigners who are also privledged to roam far and wide when not lolling about their hotels while I can’t go out to dinner or a movie, when my children, grandchildren and greatgrands can’t be with me for my upcoming birthday. Most especially when elders are dying from brokenhearts of loneliness let alone while ill. Yes Jesus please take the wheel and get us and our loved ones out of these days of insanity where good is evil and evil is good. We were warned, it is written but It’s so heartbreaking to witness these terminal days of the Great Lady America.

    • I’m riveted by every word you said!!! Truth! Thank you and God bless you! I pray that your upcoming Birthday is wonderful and you feel loved. Blessings RuthAnna! I think you expressed so much of what so many of us feel. You should be a writer or in a career that you can express yourself because you’re amazing. Prayers for you and family .

  7. Chris!!! Put down the pipe brooo… Blacks n browns kids as we are seeing, have no supervision and are getting into trouble at alarming rates…. Stop smokin dat shit bro

  8. Both Cuomo Brothers are losers. I don’t know if their parents are alive, but it frightens me to see where these pair of AH’s came from.
    Hopefully they are good people, and need to shun them. What an embarrassment.

  9. Good job Fredo you just advocated, on your show, the killing of white kids. Would you be so quick to make that call if your child were killed? You are one huge log of s***! You are not helping the situation with your BS comments. You should stick to what you know…which is NOTHING and keep your pie hole shut.

  10. Pyretta, Cuomo claims to be “black inside!” Seems these days you can select or identify your gender and your ethnicity at will!

  11. CNN is allowing Cuomo to advocate the killing of white kids! Where is the FBI? Not only should Cuomo be held accountable for these despicable comments, so should CNN!

  12. Fredo, Fredo, Fredo!

    White kids are being shot and killed…by other white kids, by black kids, by Hispanic kids, by police. But assholes like Cuomo in the media don’t report it because it doesn’t fit the narrative they’re shoving down the throats of the uninformed. And those on the left are complicit in delivering the bullshit!

  13. Excuse me dildo head, white kids die just like kids of every color! For you to go out of your way to further divide this country is shameful. No wonder your ratings are tanking faster than the Titanic! No child deserves to be hurt or to die! I don’t care what color they are, where they came from, etc. You are one of the most disgusting human beings I have ever seen and your brother is a close 2nd. I seriously feel for the people of NY….now I can see why they can’t leave the state fast enough!

  14. Chris Cuomo are you offer up you kids if you have any, if not then maybe your family members kids can be the martyrs. If your not will to see they die then stop suggesting other people’s kids die. No child should be killed. I understand that not all the killings are justified and that some police officers don’t do the right thing but a lot of the killings would not happen if people would just do what they are told & not be confrontational or run. if your running you look guilt weather you are or not just stop. People say they are afraid of the police if you fight or run apparently your not because that fear should make you want to do what your asked to do and chances are you’ll make it to the next day. Then file a complaint/lawsuit for an unjustified treatment. Make the change thru fighting the right way. Save lives be wise!

  15. Proof that government, media and Hollywood are the problem! They are all bought by Soros/global elitists and are in the process of trying to destroy the USA! Anyone that believes this nut job is brain dead!

  16. The white kids have been dieing of drug overdoses brought in by the drug and sex cartels you favor for the last 50 years. The Democrats and Biden are the Terrorist administration. They are the Drug and Sex cartel and so are you and your brother.


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