REPORT: Christie’s 2024 bid set to make Trump a central focus

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Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s 2024 bid is likely to put his criticism of Donald Trump front and center, offering a test of just how much appetite there is in the GOP for an explicitly anti-Trump candidate.

Christie’s expected presidential bid has been greeted with skepticism from Republicans, some of whom suggest his candidacy is a mere vanity project, while others are quick to point out that Christie, while a vocal Trump critic now, had worked closely to help reelect the former president in 2020. But even some of those Republicans acknowledge that the former New Jersey governor’s pugilistic style could have an impact on the field, and potentially even damage Trump to a degree.

GOP strategist Keith Naughton suggested Christie would focus mainly on Trump rather than some kind of different vision for the party.

“I don’t think he’s going to offer really some type of alternative platform or anything, I think he’s mostly going to be talking about Trump and trying to pick fights with him,” Naughton said.

Colin Reed, a GOP strategist and former Christie aide, suggested that going after Trump would benefit him.

“History shows that just sitting back and waiting for Donald Trump to implode is not a recipe for success politically,” Reed said.

“The one thing that I think distinguishes him so far from the rest of the field is he’s not going to hesitate or shy away from critiques of the former president in articulating why [Trump’s] not the right candidate to become the next president,” Reed added.

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