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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by WashingtonExaminer:

A church in Naples, Florida, will host a “youth pride conference” next week for children ages 12 to 18 that will include a drag show and a presentation on political activism.

Billed as “an exploration of LGBTQ-related issues facing today’s youth,” the free one-day event, organized by a local chapter of the gay and transgender activist organization GLSEN, will take place on May 21 at Naples United Church of Christ.

The article goes on to state the following:

The program for the conference includes a drag show “from some of our local drag queens,” several presentations on mental health issues for gay and transgender individuals, a presentation on “sexuality and science” by an evolutionary biologist, a presentation on “inclusive sex education” by a representative from Planned Parenthood, and a presentation on political activism and advocacy.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis‘ press secretary Christina Pushaw shared a report on Twitter from Florida’s Voicehe that said organizers were going to use parking lots at local schools to facilitate free shuttles to the conference.

The district nixed the plan, however.

“The District was never informed nor contacted about this event,” the district said. “[Collier County Public Schools] is not a sponsor of the event, which is being held at a private facility. CCPS also neither authorized nor approved the transportation of CCPS students to and from district school sites by the event organizers. Any inference to the contrary is fully rejected by CCPS.”

“To this end, CCPS has spoken with the event organizer and explained that the information on the registration form, and any associated flyer, must be immediately corrected to reflect that CCPS is not a co-sponsor nor will it allow its school sites to be used as transit points for the pickup and drop-off of students for this event,” the district added.

The event was scheduled for May 21, but a search of the church’s public calendar does not show any events on that date.

An event flier is pictured at Florida’s Voice.

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  1. Well- if it’s going to happen and from reading the article it is not- then it’s a church of Satan and the preacher is a queer

  2. This is absolutely evil. ANY Church that supports this sort of activity is not only evil and misguided, but doomed in the end days. I would definitely NOT be in any way affiliated with a church such as this!

  3. Definitely not the church of Christ. Our Lord and Saviours purpose is to invite us accept him and ask for forgiveness if our sins. Praying for these children who are being led astray and confused and abused. Headquarters for the Church if Christ need to cancel this churches affiliation.

    • Everyone in California does NOT think this way, there are many conservatives here,it’s not our fault ,don’t throw us conservatives out just because of many liberals

  4. This NOT a church !! Confusing kids that God approves of this drag queen crap is appalling !! Satan and his minions are everywhere! Twisting the minds of our youth !!! Parents where are you ????
    God help us !!!

  5. ANY Christian church that would host or condone such an event is not following the true teachings of Christ. If this were the case, and I were a member of such a church, I would be looking for a new church. God created MAN and WOMAN to be partners in life and to procreate the earth. No where in the Bible does God condone homosexuality. It is considered an abomination. Transgenderism snd bisexuality is not addressed in the Bible. I can’t imagine that God would have even thought such an abomination would be possible!

  6. Knew it had to be the leftist United Church. Inundated with LBGTQ ministers, it’s exactly the reason we left the Church 24 years ago when all Sunday school teachers, assigned to our boys, turned out to be admittedly gay.

    You want to be LBGTQ that’s fine your choice, but don’t try to influence or convince our kids or us that this behavior is normal.

  7. This perverted church should not be called the United Church of Christ.

    It should be called the Satanic Temple of Lucifer.

  8. That is no church of God. Most of us already see it, but for those still rubbing their eyes and trying to figure out what is going on here, we are in a full on good vs evil situation in this country. May God bless us all!!

  9. And people ask why younger people aren’t going to church. I have heard some say “why go to church they say the same stuff I hear everywhere anyway”! If you want younger people to come to church you don’t cater to what they are already hearing when they are looking for something different. All the churches that go woke and lose parishioners then bitch about it is not a church I would go to since they are being led by a weak willed non religious person! I truly believe that there’s more young people looking for something to believe in that is consistent and not what’s being preached by the left that keeps changing and punishing you for not knowing the newest commandments! The left is not only pushing people away but also causing them to think about the beliefs they were told would make them happy but don’t.


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