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San Francisco is considering some new public trash cans – but it won’t be a cheap project.

The San Francisco Department of Public Works could spend about $20,000 apiece for 15 prototype trash cans, according to recent reports.

The article goes on to state the following:

However, once the city decides on what can to buy, the cost per unit will be much lower, KTVU reported earlier this week.

According to KTVU, the trash cans are a part of a $537,000 pilot program that the city is considering to replace 3,000 public trash cans.

The station reported that the city wants to prevent vandalism and tampering, while also providing recycling options. The prototypes can also alert the city when they need to be emptied.

“San Francisco is a beautiful city and keeping it clean can be a challenge,” Acting Public Works Director Alaric Degrafinried said in a statement. “Finding the right public trash can to serve our needs at a reasonable cost has driven this design process.”

KTVU reported that once the city picks a trash can the cost will be lower at around $3,000 and $4,000 a piece.

SF Public Works tweeted Thursday, “Hey #SF – keep an eye out for these three new public trash can prototype designs throughout the City later this year!”

Jewish Community tweeted Friday, “San Francisco Considers Spending $20K Per Can to Fix Garbage Issue.”

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  1. They are worried about trash with all the homeless living on the streets using it as toilets and no telling what else

  2. Ca is having a wave of crime that is tearing their cities apart! Targets and other stores have to close early mow due to the rampant theft that their DA’s won’t prosecute for! Amazing! And San Francisco wants to get $20,000 trash cans! Really???

  3. They all will make them tent city homelessness look beautiful smart thinking make your you tell them to use it for needles and trash.

  4. How about just printing out stickers to put on the cans with a phone # to call if you see a can that’s full. Everyone and his mother has a cell phone.

  5. What a steep price, bet you can get the same one a Costco for $50.00. Someone should report on how much money is spent on office furniture for public offices. It will make your head spin. This is overspending at its worse and its statewide. No wonder this state is in trouble.

  6. Idiots, question is which democrat business and donater is selling these trash can to San Francisco.

  7. What a joke! The price is always inflated so the money pocketing can happen! MONEY LAUNDRING! Since San Francisco is now a shit hole and everyone has left!


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