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A man in Connecticut was shocked that former CNN producer John Griffin reportedly interacted with children while officials investigated him for 17 months for the alleged abuse of a 9-year-old girl, according to Fox News.

The resident, who apparently knows Griffin’s family members, said 44-year-old Griffin and his 46-year-old wife, Allyson, have three children and threw sleepovers and pool parties at their $4 million property in Wilson Point, Connecticut.

The article goes on to state the following:

“The Griffins have young children, and those young children have friends,” he claimed. “I know someone who is friends with their daughter and went to a pool party at their house last summer, and he [Griffin] was there.”

Griffin was arrested on Friday, December 10, after a federal indictment from Vermont was filed against him for allegedly soliciting three moms and their minor daughters for “sex training.”

In 2015, Griffin shared the following photo on Twitter of himself with then-CNN anchor Chris Cuomo.

On Thursday, Project Veritas dropped a bombshell video with sexual misconduct allegations against yet another CNN producer who is yet unnamed:

BREAKING: Project Veritas strikes again, drops bombshell sexual allegations against CNN producer [VIDEO]

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  1. Shut down CNN! SMDH. Is this the tip of the iceberg? Truly sickening this sh*t is happening. You can’t tell me the higher ups didn’t know. Shut them down!


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