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The coach for U.S. artistic swimmer Anita Alvarez reportedly jumped into action on Wednesday when the athlete fainted while performing at the World Championships.

Coach Andrea Fuentes dove into the pool with all her clothes on and grabbed Alvarez who was sinking to the bottom of the pool. When she got the swimmer to the side of the pool with the help of another person Alvarez wasn’t breathing.

The article goes on to state the following:

Alvarez had just finished her solo free event at the competition in Budapest.

Fuentes shared the following statement on Instagram after the rescue:

What a day!!! I think I had all kind of possible emotions! It’s late at night and just wanted to say thank you for all your messages. I’m so happy you enjoyed our choreographies and we cannot wait to show a better performance at finals. We have so much room for improvement but hope and believe is so important and today we had plenty of it! We are going to do even better at finals!!

Anita’s solo was so good too, it was her best performance ever, she just pushed through her limits and she found them 😅 but Anita is ok and the doctors also said she is fine. We all know it happens in other sports: cycling, marathon, track and field… some don’t make it to the final line and some even finish crawling or passing out. Our sport is very hard too. Now it’s time to rest and recover. Tomorrow is highlight day and free duet finals! Ready to give our best 💪💪💪


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  1. We all know that anyone participating in elite sports was forced to be vaxxed to continue. Glad she is still alive. How many peak shape athletes need to have issues or die before people figure it out?

  2. Another one …. The big J. Is Bill Gates keeping count? I’m 63 and husband who is 69 works around COVID PATIENTS frequently never got the jab! We got omicron in January of 2022. We are now immune from COVID and don’t have the poison in us! It was worth it! Took early treatment and husband was well and back to work in 5 days. I took early treatment and felt back to normal in 3 days. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquin work and having a good level with Vit D. Such a shame that the government pushed for the money maker jab rather than early treatment!! As Well as censoring peoples choices from the early tx. Government should be pushing people to take care of their God given immune systems rather than abusing them!


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