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Arizona college students threatened to go on a second hunger strike if Congress doesn’t pass the Democrat-led voting legislation by Jan. 17.

“We’re prepared to hold out indefinitely now that the holidays are over,” Leila Winbury, a junior at Arizona State University, told Fox News Digital. “I have seen the consequences of a broken democracy my entire life, so we’re willing to suffer the consequences of hunger striking rather than the consequences of the bill not passing.”

The article goes on to state the following:

She said the next hunger strike will be “a lot bigger” than the 15-day one organized in December.

“Nationwide hunger-striking, more than likely,” Winbury said.

The group traveled to Washington, DC back in December, but the protest ended when Biden pledged to prioritize the Freedom to Vote Act’s passage.

“If they fail to pass the #FreedomToVoteAct in the new year, we’ll be back,” the group vowed.

“The vote on the #FreedomToVoteAct is in ONE WEEK,” the group tweeted Monday. “If we want to ban partisan gerrymandering and protect our democracy before the 2022 elections, we must pass this bill NOW. We will lose our democracy if we lose this bill.”

The group’s website says, “If the Freedom To Vote Act has not passed by MLK Day, January 17th, we will be escalating once again. We can’t win without you!”

“The bill, if it were enacted, would implement same day and automatic voter registration in all 50 states, as well as mandated polling locations on every college campus,” Un-PAC co-founder Shana Gallagher said. “And election day would be a federal holiday.”

However, the bill does not appear to have the support to pass by the Jan. 17 deadline, the report notes.

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  1. A hunger strike would do them good. Maybe then they would understand some of what the Patriots from bygone days suffered to bring them the freedoms they have today. 🙂


  3. Starve to death morons. Illegals have no rights And it’s a shame you live in America It’s hard to believe that this amount of stupidity can be found in every university
    Go to Cuba where they will let you push for that crap
    Oh Wait ! I forgot they are communist Then your head would be removed in front of a camera for the rest of the people to get the message To think 90% of them are there on our money Of which they don’t want to pay back They owe the people of this country every dime of their money that these morons waste Plus the billions spent on illegals

  4. Let these little snowflakes starve who are they to tell the rest of us how to vote. They don’t have a clue what’s at stake tell them there education will go away and see how they act

  5. Don’t eat – it frees up the food chain. One way we can stop inflation. Hurts no one but you. Use your head – we know you don’t have a brain; if you did you would concentrate on solving problems – not making them.

  6. Go and starve you little spoiled twits! Who gives a damn?! 😂😂😂😂😂We’ll see how long it lasts before you come crying to mommy and daddy!

  7. Our voting system is broken. The democrats want to give voting rights to people that are not citizens living in our country legally. When you give a mass of infiltrators illegally passing thru our Southern Border bringing Covid, Drugs and diseases long gone from our country for decades. Bringing death rape murder and theft in their wake people who do not share the values of being a citizen of this country that only come here for the hand outs from Biden. Who do you think they’ll vote for. Our last election was stolen by politicians and beaurocrats with an agenda for Socialist dictatorship. Right now over 3.5 million people have crossed the border under the Biden administration, how many more are on their way here. If this proposed law was to be passed we will lose our Democracy to Socialism in 2022. The United States of America will no longer exist. The collage students don’t have a clue about fairness and earning the right to vote. Let them stay hungry.

  8. They have no idea what they are talking about. Soros paid children.
    Go ahead and starve. Your stupid choice. No sympathy with ignorance here.

  9. I am so happy these are not my children because i would bring their happy ass home and tell them if u want to strave yourself do it on your dime because my money just ran out!!!!! From a Georgia mama and trust me my kids know I would because we work to hard to send u to college and guess what I’m a proud American and Republican

  10. A bunch of over privileged brats that has no clue about voting. You earn the right to vote. It starts with Being a Legal US CITIZEN.

  11. ASU was a great school in the 80’s. Good times. So embarrassed to see what the Sun Devils have become. What a bunch of trash.

  12. Let them starve, but last time I checked suicide was not only a sin but illegal. So go ahead die by your own hand and live in hell.

  13. Let them starve, there isn’t enough food on the shelves anyway. They will soon learn what its like to live in a communist country when their stomach is empty

  14. Lmfao… I just pissed myself.. Now that the holiday’s are over n WE B FAT we go on a hunger strike… U fukin imbeciles… And this is the generation that could run the Nation when im old??? Fuk!!! People starving around the world n these FOOLS want to pull this. IT WILL NOT PASS N U WILL DIE. BYE BYE..

  15. Parents take away the tuition and credit cards. Make them learn what it means to be a productive member of society

  16. God granted each of us Free Will and they are fortunate to be in the United States of America, they can “currently” exercise that right to “peacefully protest”. They can give it the “title” of a “Hunger Strike” (Bless their Hearts). In reality, many of us know it as a “Fasting, a Detox, a Cleansing, a Purification”… IF they are REALLY DEDICATED to Seriously Look For Truth and Clarity, then they “should” Experience an Ephiany, Clarity, Enlightenment, Their Eyes Will Be Opened and they will Actually LEARN a thing or two. Maybe they’ll teach others too!! That’s the Optimist in Me – Never Lose Hope!!

  17. Sounds like a toddler temper tantrum. They are young adults, they need to figure it out themselves, eat or don’t eat, your choice. Your decision no one else to blame but themselves.

  18. Don’t worry, starving is on its way…. No more Taco Bell and Mickey D ‘s …. Move out of your moms house and buy food… and don’t forget one thing….. the politicians, well ,they ain’t starving…..take the bait… it’s what your parents paid for….

  19. Starve you little creeps. Who gives a rats ass. You chose to do it now deal with the consequences. Don’t come here begging for food later, as you won’t get any here.

  20. They will eat after all the cannabis smoking that they will do…
    They sit around in school thinking up ways to be relevant on social media. Mom and Dad are so proud. F🖕 cking EDUCATED IDIOTS.

  21. How stupids these kids are🤦‍♀️. The only ones suffering will be them, their stupidity doesn’t have any limits. I wondering what they want to accomplish, maybe starving will teach them a lesson and they can become man’s and women’s with brains. Because right now they don’t have any, bunch of morons!🤮


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