REPORT: ‘Cops Have To Be Able To Chase’: Liberal Host, Famous Rocker Rip Into City Over Restrictions On Police

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Comedian and podcast host Bill Maher and The Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan tore into Chicago over its restrictions on police.

Chicago police officers are no longer permitted to chase people on foot if they are fleeing from crimes they’ve committed if they are minor offenses.

Maher noted that several of his old friends from Chicago feel the city is now “very unsafe.”

“Just to add a little bit of teeth to what I’m saying, I know a lot of Chicago Police Department people,” Corgan said. “So these are the people that are dealing with it everyday. And they’re like, ‘this is fucked up.’ They’re telling me that.”

“And it’s fucked up because the cops are basically saying they’re not allowed to do their job?” Maher said.

“Let me tell you what I think cause this is a stated policy ok? If I have it wrong I apologize, but this is what I understand, and I’ve certainly talked to my cop friends about it. You’re no longer allowed in Chicago to foot chase a criminal,” Corgan said.

“Unless they’re like carrying a firearm. So if you’re standing outside a store, and some young person or an old person comes running out with 14 pairs of jeans in their hands, and you go ‘stop’ and they don’t stop, you can’t chase them,” he added/

“What is the purpose of even thinking of a law like this?” Maher asked.

“You gotta chase the bad guys. Cops have to be able to chase,” Maher said. “I’ve said this many times, like Democrats, when what you’re doing sounds like an Onion headline — stop.”

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  1. Bill is partly responsible for this because of his and his friends having TDS. If bill was truly honest he would admit this first , to himself and then the rest of the country.

  2. Spiraling down the sewer!
    I feel so bad for Chicago residents!
    Flee as fast ad you can! Let the illegals stay there with the governor and mayor. They deserve each other!

    • They can flee, but don’t bring their shit beliefs with them. We don’t want their democrat votes for any reason.

  3. Let’s see, if someone shoots and kills or injures someone and they toss the gun and run, the police just have to stand back and watch?! Got it. STAY AWAY from CHICAGO if you’re a law abiding citizen. Move away as soon as possible. Criminals go to Chicago, you will be golden. As for Law Enforcement I say leave and go to a state that appreciates your sacrifice. I genuinely feel for the hardworking people of Chicago. VOTE better! Vote RED!


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