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Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) insisted on Wednesday morning that he was joking when he made a comment to other senators on Tuesday night promising an immigration deal after the gun control deal he negotiated in the Senate.

“The Democrats and their allies in the media really can’t take a joke. There’s no secret amnesty bill,” Cornyn told Breitbart News on Wednesday morning. His office told Breitbart News that the senator was joking and there are no immigration negotiations nor are there expected to be.

The article goes on to state the following:

After Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) tapped Cornyn to negotiate a deal on gun control, he was reported on Tuesday night to have promised to move forward on a deal on amnesty.

“First guns, now it’s immigration,” Cornyn reportedly declared to Sen. Alex Padilla (D-CA).

“That’s right, we’re going to do it,” Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) touted.

HuffPost reporter Igor Bobic tweeted during the proceedings Tuesday night, and shared details of the exchange.

“The vibe in the Senate is so positive right now that Schumer gave Susan Collins a fist bump!” Bobic tweeted.

He added: More positive ~~ vibes ~~ on Senate floor. A smiling Cornyn tells Padilla, “First guns, now it’s immigration.”

“That’s right, we’re going to do it,” Sinema added.

The Hill noted in a report Tuesday night that the Senate voted to advance the bill just over an hour after negotiators unveiled its text, allowing lawmakers little time to even read the details of the bill.

According to Bobic, Cornyn was overhead on Senate floor saying, “It’s only 80 pages long, how long do you need to read it.”

“Today we released text of our bill to make attacks like the one in Uvalde less likely, while protecting the Second Amendment. I am proud that this mental health and school safety bill places NO NEW RESTRICTIONS on law-abiding gun owners,” Cornyn tweeted Tuesday night.

Cornyn is being blasted by conservatives, and now claims he was just joking about an amnesty deal.

“With weak “Republican leaders” in the Senate selling us out like this, who needs Democrats?” tweeted Donald Trump Jr.

GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy told Axios, “Amnesty is a non starter with me and won’t be taken up by a House Republican majority. Our border crisis is the worst in history and the only immigration plan should be to secure the border and stop illegal immigration that’s fueling the worst drug crisis in history. House Republicans will fight for this with everything we have.”

Newsmax host Benny Johnson tweeted, “HOLY SHIT: @JohnCornyn has sold out the Republican Party. Cornyn is a Judas. He must be STOPPED. Texas, you elected a traitor to you and your values.”

Digital strategist Greg Price tweeted, “Texas Republicans re-elected @JohnCornyn in 2020 and he’s going to reward them with gun control and amnesty. What a joke.”

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk wrote, “Cornyn says to Democrats on the Senate Floor: “First guns, now immigration.” Texas, are you paying attention yet?”

And the backlash continues:

Charlie Kirk rips Republicans to shreds in fiery Twitter spree

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  1. I dont believe Cornyn was joking. Damn RINO traitoruos little b…h. Cornyn is not up for reelection until 2027. Then he will be fighting tio keep your guns and border control until he wins again. Then he will change his mind. They are all full of crap . They will promise you anything to get your vote . Then stab you in the bavk…

    • Sharon I agree with you 100%.
      Cornyn has done nothing but screw over Texans and stab us in the back since he was re-elected. We have got to find someone better to replace him in 2027.

  2. I dont think our open border is a fn joke. Nor is letting illegals have ids or giving them asylum of any kind. Send them back.

  3. Problem is, will your vote count anyways. Remember they started planning voting fraud the second Trump was sworn in, 2016. In 4 years they corrupt AH mastered the biggest fraud in the history of the

  4. Just another RINO proving to the country the Uni-Party is alive and well! These politicians are slowly chipping away at the Constitution!

  5. You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time. But You Can’t Fool MOM
    My mother told me he’s a lying piece of shit


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